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Satisfied With BI-7-2KO???

Originally Posted by johnnymg View Post
Just ordered one today, will I be happy with it?,
Mostly informal shooting for now. What say you...?
johnnymg ... I think you will be very satisfied with your BI-7-2KO.
Just don't enter any formal benchrest competitions ... and expect to emerge the winner.
However, in a silhouette shooting or sporter class rifle competition
_ your BI-7-2KO should be contender - if you do your part.

Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
... They are very accurate for their intended purpose - Biathlon Competition -3 & 4, Hunting 7-2, 7-2KO.
My point, the Biathlon Series is not a logical choice for the basis of a benchrest rifle.
As a plinker or for small game hunting and pest control the BI-7-2KO will work well.
For in-formal target competition or silhouette shooting ... placed in a proper rifle class,
_ the BI-7Xs will hold their own - sometimes ... better.

The BI-7-2KO and the Youth CM-2 use the same barrel....
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