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Moderated Report

Originally Posted by DoogieB View Post
Here's another video comparing the shot sound of a Marauder and Beeman R7....
Good video ... exactly what I was looking for - aom22.
The R7 report sounds like a staccato tat.
While the Marauder emits a fast ta-hing compared to the R7.

It is hard to judge but there seems to be a difference in report intensity and duration.
The R7 signature seems sharper and shorter.
The Marauder maybe slightly milder and lasting.
Now, I'm wondering if the .177 version of the Crosman is indiscernible from the .22 model?

Originally Posted by DoogieB View Post
Personally, I don't think you need a PCP rifle to kill sparrows....
I agree ... the power of the Marauder is not what initially attracted me.
It was the moderated report provided by the shrouded barrel.
And, the fact it was a repeater.
If I were to buy a Crosman, it would be in .177 - not .22.

Originally Posted by DoogieB View Post
... you have to safely stop those pellets in what sounds like a tight suburban environment.
I'm firing from a window in a standing position down
_ towards the ground in front of a tree in my backyard.
The grass and soft ground catch my pellets.
In the worst possible case as the ground drys-out and becomes hard,
_ any possible ricochet will be caught by a large pecan tree or wooden privacy fence.
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