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The Big Lie

Originally Posted by AzizaVFR View Post
Here is the best piece of advice I have found when it comes to adjusting the rear and front apertures....
B.R.A.S.S. (Breathe, Relax, Aim, Slack, Squeeze)- CHAPTER ONE
Sight Alignment, Sight Picture , Focus - CHAPTER TWO
Sight Alignment and The Big Lie - CHAPTER THREE
Trigger Control and The Big Lie - CHAPTER FOUR
I just quickly read most of information in chapter 3.
The article does an excellent job of answering some fundamental questions
regarding aperture sights and diopter sights.

Sight Alignment, Trigger Control
Aperture sights, sometimes called "globe" front sights, are far easier on the eyes.
There is no need for the constant focus.

I didn't know what a diopter was until I saw one at Camp Perry.
A diopter is a magnifier, either on the front or the rear sight.
You may not use both.
It is said to act as a telescope and is not legal. (More on the front diopter later).
I can't recall the last time someone quoted STAR WARS to make a point.
In one of the "STAR WARS" movies, Luke Skywalker was learning to use the light saber -
he was told something like, "Don't use your eyes, just 'feel' it, let it happen."

Don't try to make it too good, just feel it and let it happen.
You will be surprised at how much better you shoot and you can call your shots far better.
But, it makes sense.
When is the last time you made a perfect snap shot?
It wasn't so much luck, it was a practiced skill - it just happened.

The article is well worth your time to read.
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