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didn't know the answer a month ago, but this came up a few days ago on targettalk.

This is copied and pasted from there

If it is indeed the front sight you are asking about, it is best to remove it and replace it with one that will take 18mm apertures.

Here are the instructions I received fro Mac Tilton on removing the front sight:
It is a simple operation to remove the front sight. Please observe the large hole in the top of the front sight. This hole allows access to the set screw screw that holds the sight on. Insert a blade type screw drive in the hole and remove the set screw. Take a piece of 2X4 and place it behind the sight and hit it with a hammer. The sight will slide off with some effort. Also you can use an aluminum bar as a punch to remove the sight,
Note that I also had to heat the front sight a bit as Izhmash uses an epoxy to hold it on too .... it really did not have to get too hot to bump the sight off. I used a propane torch & about 15 sec of heat on the sight.

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