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Importing Ural Rifles or Magazine Feed CM-2

Scott ... You are to be commended for you efforts.
I, for one, applaud your diligence and tenacity
in your attempts to import Russian firearms and ammunition.

I hope that you use the forum to keep us updated
on your activities with Izhmash and the status of your project.

Since the Ural 5-1, Ural 6-1 and Ural 6-2 had been previous imported
into the U.S.A.
it should not be too difficult to secure re-importation permits.

As you stated;
Originally Posted by ToxicSports View Post
Now PLEASE....I know that it all depends on price for many of you
but this may be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all of us.
Cost/Price will be the ultimate determinate factor especially
with the economic climate we are all contending with.

Originally Posted by Chattcatdaddy View Post
Side note: MTguns will also let you make payments
if you can`t pony up the cash.
For many of us, knowing that we could make installment payments
with M.T. Guns maybe be the over-riding factor.
I know it would be a significant concern in my case.

A better price from RAA that remains outside of my or anyone's budgetary means
still precludes purchasing a rifle/pistol of my or anyone's dreams.
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