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Machinery's Handbook

Originally Posted by Racin_Randy View Post
... and one more good book to have is the machinest's handbook, there up to the 32nd edition,
I remember I had the 18th, but on my desk @ work I've got the 28th,
but I'm selling the 32nd for $74.95 @ work. T
his book will help anybody understand all those vaierables, if you can disifer it...
Machinery's Handbook

A Review of Machinery's Handbook
Machinery's Handbook is not an easy book to review.
Machinery's Handbook has long been considered the "bible" of the metalworking trades and it is easy to see why.
Within the 2700 pages of the latest edition are more facts, figures, tables and formulas than one will ever use,
in fact it is easier to say what Machinery's Handbook is not than what it is.
Machinery's Handbook is not a manual of metalworking, but a book that makes metalworking easier.
The question isn't how any machine shop could get by without MH,
but how any person on this earth can get by without it.

Machinery's Handbook 28th Edition Guide

Machinery's Handbook Guide Review
Completely updated and revised to reflect the changes and additions made to the Handbook,
this Guide will enable users to maximize the enormous practical value available from Machinery's Handbook.

Allows you to quickly become more thoroughly familiar with the vast range of contents found in the Handbook.
By practicing the many practical techniques explained in this Guide,
you will be able to obtain the solution or information needed to resolve on-the-job problems.

Machinery's Handbook Pocket Companion Revised First Edition

Machinery's Handbook Pocket Companion puts all the basic information you need right at your fingertips.
Extremely concise yet authoritative, this valuable tool draws on Machinery's Handbook's wealth of tables, charts
and text to provide quick and easy access to the most basic data.
Practitioners and students of the machine trades will find the Pocket Companion to be the best little helper yet!
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