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Kimber 82 vs Izhmash CM-2

Originally Posted by [email protected] View Post
cmp kimber 82g
Question about CM-2 accuracy vs. others: Vintage Entry Level Target Rifles or CM-2

TargetTalk: Kimber 82?
.... referring to the Kimber 82G from the CMP.
I purchased a used one back in January that was a "turn in" from the JROTC programs.
Mine was essentially brand new ... still had original preservative in the bolt and on the barrel.
I put a scope on it and took it to my club range that has a 100yd tunnel.
This gun shot shot sub inch groups with Wolf Match Target (about .86 c-c)
I think that this gun is a good gun, but it is awful heavy.
That said .... I also use Russian CM-2's for my shooters in position shooting.
They will shoot as well as the Kimber 82G, are lighter, have an adjustable buttplate, and cost less.

The finish is not as nice as an Anschutz or the Kimber, and they are RH only. ( http://mtguns.com/cm-2.htm )
I have youth models as I can use them for my 10 year old shooters
and they are not much heavier than the sporter air rifles they also use .... the adult models are about 10 lbs.
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