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SV-99 Broken-Down

Винтовка СВ-99 получила новое ложа - Page 2

Translated with some photos:
Rifle ST-99 acquired a new bed. (Page 2)

Это не "зелёная мелкашка"!.. - это СВ-99
Модель прицела ПО3,5х17,5П. Изготовитель Минский завод им.Вавило
This is not a "green melkashka! .. - This is ST-99
Model PA3 sight, 5h17, 5P. Manufacturer Minsk plant im.Vavilo
I've tried to find some information on the telescopic sight.
But, I've haven't been able to find anything definitive.

Note the conical threads on the muzzle end of the barrel for mounting the suppressor.
Specifically, how over-sized the suppressor mount is.

The threaded end of the suppressor is so disproportionately large, it will be virtually impossible to confuse the discharge end
from the mounting end - even under the extreme stress of combat.

Moreover, removing the suppressor should expose the internals for quick inspection and access for maintenance.

This suppressor system seems to be extremely well thought-out.

SV-99 Updated ... aka: СВ99 я
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