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Sako P94S FinnFire Rifles for Rimfire Tactical Precision Match

Originally Posted by culpeper View Post
What do you mean stuff on the net? The modified P94S or any P94S?
Actually at the moment I'm primarily looking for images of Finnfire P94S Range/Sporter/Target/Scout rifles
that have been set-up for Rimfire Tactical Precision Match or for Biathlon competition.

However, if there is a P94S Varmit or Hunter that has been altered for Rimfire Tactical Precision Match shooting,
I would like to collect some pictures of these rifles as well.

For what? I going to start a thread featuring rifles that maybe suitable for Rimfire Tactical Precision Match.

Other than at the Sako Finland website ...
It has not been easy to find relevent information and photos.

After some thought and in-order to expand my possibilities, SAKO QUAD RIFLES should also be included as well.
There is a likelihood some QUAD owners may have or will modify their rifles for Rimfire Tactical Precision shooting.
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