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Name Change

What is this? ... Izhmash trademarks: Biathlon Basic and Saiga

What's in a Name Change

Originally Posted by ShootNut View Post

Seems Saiga is either buying and selling the biathlon, or they have someone reproducing one just like it.
Izhmash: Previous Importers
Other Izhmash trademarks include Legion,
Saiga, Hesse-Saiga, Krebs-Saiga,
Romak, Sobol (not imported) , Korshun (not imported),
LOS, Maral (not imported), and Dragunov.
What maybe happening here ... I think, based on the linked thread.
Previous retailers of Izhmash products have been dealing with
a string of former Izhmash importers.
When the US importer/distributor changed,
The "NEW" importer/distributor modified model nomenclature.
However, the retailer did not. Why?
Looter, probably, has the most logical explaination.
Originally Posted by Looter View Post
It's not a Saiga.
I think someone is intentionally using the Saiga name
because it already has name recognition in the US.
But, Biathlon rifles and Saigas are in fact two different lines of sporting arms, made by Izhmash.
Does BAIKAL own TOZ?
Moreover, the firearms industry in Russia has been in a constant state of flux.
Name changes have been common place.
Since the end of the cold war the Russian
Does anyone remember Centerfire Systems and the Whisper - aka: TOZ-78?
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