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Biathlon Basic: Adjust Trigger Pull

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Biathlon Rifle Trigger Pull

The following threads will get you started:
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improvements modifications to the BB mechanics
Biathlon Basic trigger adjustment.
Can it be done and how do I do it?

Yes the trigger pull weight can be adjusted heavier or lighter.

If you have the trigger group out you have to unhook spring #1
then you have to turn the bottom spring eye in to make the trigger pull
lighter, if you turn the eye out the trigger pull will be heavier.
Its all about spring tension Or friction. The fun part is hooking the spring
back up.

The pull weight is fine, but there is allot of take up.

True because its a two stage trigger. The 1st stage is the take up.
If you want to take away the 1st stag you have to drill the trigger bridge
& install a set screw 4-40 or 6-32.

Thats how I adjust the trigger on my BB.

Biathlon Basic Trigger Adjustment

This is from the factory manual - hope it helps.
While EAA was importing the Biathlon Basic,
some rifles were outfitted with an optional trigger.

The trigger the RAA rifles are fitted with
is different and is not externally adjustable.

The manufacturer states the trigger pull is set at the factory
and recommends the pull is not adjustable.

Optional Safety Biathlon 7-3 & 7-4

EAA Manual: Biathlon Bolt Action Rifle - Page 14

If Fuzzy ever finished this article in Fuzzy's Projects
it would be exactly what you're looking for - I think.
Izhmash Biathlon Basic Modifications
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