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Old Eyes VS Youngster Eyes

Originally Posted by harris hawk View Post
Ewald, First and foremost, I apologize .... Michael
harris hawk ... you young whipper-snapper

I'm 56 years old closer to 57 than 56.

My vision is not what it used to be 20/40 correctable.

I take a long time to transition from being focused
on far-away objects to near-by ones.

And, my sight is obscured by floaters.

I need tri-focals as well.

But, I'm managing without them - foolish pride I guess.

Did I mention I am right-handed, left-eye dominate.

As such, my marksmanship suffers.
A telescopic sight or red-dot keeps me on the mark.

Without an optical assist, I wouldn't be shooting as much.
Nor, would I be enjoying the sport to the extent that I do.

My point ... cherish your youth,
preserve your good health, live a long life.

And, cut us, old-guys, some slack.

If your lucky enough to live to be my (our) age ...
you'll be thinking about mounting a scope, red dot
or reflex sight on a BB gun - too.
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