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"VOSTOK" CM2 .22 target rifle

Valery Shilin guns club wwwboard (english)

VOSTOK CM2 - July 2, 2003

The Vostok CM2 rifle was If I remember rightly made in
Russia by Baikal, the Russian Arms Company. Originally the
Vostok was produced in very limited numbers for members of
the national shooting teams.

Vostok model 1, 2 and 3 and the Vostok CM2

Vostok Models 1 through 3 were made in numbers less than
500 each (as far as I know) The date for production seems
to be around 1959 through to 1964.

I have owned several Vostoks Model numbers 1 2 and 3, the
best being a Model 3 (Rome Olympics) Russian Reserve team
rifle no 422, It shot so well that It was used by one UK
National shooter and 2 other County shooters before I
purchased it. After 2 years of owning the rifle I got into
the Surrey County Shooting Team (United Kingdom) my best
series with the rifle was 699 ex 700 at 25yds. Sadly when I
gave up shooting in August 2000, nobody wanted my Vostoks,
so they were all broken up and scrapped.

The early Vostoks are not considered to be "Good Guns" by
today's standards, they are dated to be sure but they were
made from the very best materials and the barrels are
excellent. The CM2 was brought in sometime in the 1970s and
was still being sold in the early 1990's, I do not know
about now. The CM2 was inferior to the original Vostoks due
to the fact it was mass produced for the open market as a
entry level small bore target rifle. I believe the purchase
price for a new one in the late 1980's was ?200 ($320)

They are certainly not rare, Price, well I paid around ?50
($80) (1984) for my Model 3 and that came complete with
al;l the accessories as well as all the 3 positional parts.

To pay any more nowdays for a second hand CM2 would be
robbery. You also need to test shoot (grouping from a
static test bed at 50 yds - NOT SHOOTING IT YOURSELF)any
target rifle before purchasing, any spread larger than 15mm
by 15mm after 10 shots from 50 yds don't buy! (my rifle
tested at 10 shots from 50yds with a 9mm by 11mm spread).

Use various batches or different types of Ammunition to see
what ammunition the rifle likes (.22 LR Tenex/Tenex Xtra by
Eley is what I used)

Remember that different batches of the same ammunition will
shoot differently.

Vostoks are a cheap entry rifle, you might consider a going
after a X Barrelled Anshutz instead. (Top factory selected
Barrels on Anshutz Rifles have a X either before or after
the serial number)

The earlier models can be very reasonably priced and spares
are no problem (unlike the Vostok, where to get a spare you
simply buy another rifle and strip it)
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