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"Baikal" Trade Mark

Izhevsk Mechanical Plant or IZHMEKH (Russian: <Ижмех>)

... an independent productional facility - the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant,
or IZHMEKH (Russian: <Ижмех>) for short....
Today this arms plant is an owner of the "Baikal" trade mark....

The history of the trade mark may look rather confusing for a western reader,
and I feel like clarifying its nature.

Under the Soviets, when all exporting activity was strictly a privilege
of specialized companies within the Ministry of Foreign Trade.

Civilian fire arms were marketed exclusively by RAZNOEXPORT,
with the VOSTOK and BAIKAL trading firms inside.

Sporting and hunting rifles were exported by VOSTOK,
thus having this specific trade mark regardless of their real manufacturer.

Similarly, all shotguns, both of the Izhevsk and Tula manufacture,
were branded as BAIKAL.

Of course, the largest supplier of shotguns was the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant.

So, when the new and a more liberal law on foreign trade
became effective in the new Russia after collapse of the Soviet Union,
RAZNOEXPORT, sooner or later, came to non-existence.

However, BAIKAL became a structural unity of a new trading company
TEKHMASHEXPORT that served the export needs
of the newly established Department (Ministry) for Defense Industry.

It is still a question whether TEKHMASH made
all required legal procedures to retain the brand name of BAIKAL.

This way or the other, the Izhevsk Mechanical Plant,
that launched an export firm of its own, took the name of BAIKAL.

For a few years the two organizations were in the dispute about the trade mark.
IZHMEKH turned a better competitor:
TEKHMASHEXPORT was once again restructured
and its BAIKAL International Trading Firm dismantled.
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