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ANSCHÜTZ Envy ... Walter Admiration

Am I suffering from ANSCHÜTZ envy?
No .... Not really.
More like Walther admiration.

For me, the thought of buying a Walther target rifle or pistol
is like a Ferrari fantasy daydream.

Realistically, I can aspire for a Corvette - after my mortgage is paid off.

But, for the near future, I'm on a Mazda Miata budget.

In reality, I drive a Jeep Wrangler - four cylinder.
However, not a plain Wrangler.
My Jeep have a Rhino Liner floor & interior panels, factory half-doors & full-doors,
Best Top Safari Top, Manik brush guards, Manik winch plate,
Bomb Proof rear bumper, Bomb Proof rear rack,
Bomb Proof trailer hitch and etc.

If I were single (again), there would be no doubt in my mind
I would have several Walther firearms under my bed.

But, I like being married. And, I buy what I can afford.
The Izhmash or TOZ firearms offer a great value
and afforable accuracy for the money.
And, a unique pride of ownership because they are uncommon.

Moreover, I'm not a competitive shooter.
I have little interest in formal target shooting.
I'm a recreational shooter.

Other than fulfilling my passion for excellence ...
A Walther rifle or pistol would be wasted on me.

As would a Ferrari. Even, if ... I could afford one.
But, it is fun to daydream.

Honey, on your way back from the grocery store ...
don't forget the Lottery Tickets with the Mega Ball Multiplier.
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