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Actually, someone that I shoot with was telling me a couple of weeks ago that he thought I was going to out shoot the CM-2 soon and that it would hold me back so I bit the bullet so to speak and coughed up the $1800 for the new Annie. I could have gotten a 1913 but I didn't want the extra 3 pounds which is all in the barrel, btw and that would put all that weight on my left hand which is being strangled by the sling. If you've never shot smallbore prone you have no idea how bad your left hand and wrist suffer from being in position under sling pressure for up to 20 minutes. My 1411 is as heavy as a 1913 so I knew I didn't want the weight. The 1907 is 10.5 lbs
Anyhow the point is not to slander Anschutz, it is a fabulous line of rifles and it isn't the #1 rifle of Olympic shooters for nothing. The point is that the CM-2 is a fantastic value and will hold it's own if the shooter is capable. I do not feel like I have inferior equipment when I'm shooting next to competitors with Annies.
Let me also put my 2 cents worth in on the trigger. My CM-2 trigger is at 20 oz's and I haven't missed a shot because my trigger wasn't down in the grams. A heavier trigger lets me see and feel what I'm doing and I think I get a more precise shot than I get with an ultra light trigger.
There is the commonly told story that when the shot breaks it should be a surprise. I disagree. I think the story is told that way for brand new shooters to keep them from trying to rush the trigger break. After all, after you have pulled the same trigger through a case of ammo the only excuse you can have for being surprised that the trigger broke is that you are mentally retarded and can't remember what your trigger feels like.
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