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European vs American Shooting Style

The Europeans have a different shooting style.

They hold their heads more upright.

While, we Americans, have a tendency to lower our heads
and creep-up on the sights.

Stress amplifies this tendency.

Under normal circumstances, such as, target shooting.
I try to hold my head upright.
Why? Because it is a more relaxed posture for me.

However, when snap-shooting, my head has a tendency to lower itself.
In an unconscious effort to move my shooting eye closer to the sights.

Back in the mid to late sixties, Daisy marketed a BB-gun without sights.
It was part of a kit call Quick Skill.
And, was used to teach (enhance) instinctive shooting abilities.
(Oxymoron: Teaching ... Instinctive Abilities)

It was marketed to the Army as a training-aid to develop snap-shooting skills.
The field training kit was called Quick Kill.

Shooting a rifle without sights causes (forces) the shooter to "look over" the barrel.
As such, the shooters head is more upright.

What's the problem with lowering the head to meet the sights?
Lowering the head reduces the field of view.
Yes, it does focus the shooter on the sights.
But, at the expense of situational awareness.

This is why M-16 (AR-15) sights are so tall.

And, Yes ... I owned one of the Daisy Quick Skill kits.
I was trying to learn how how to shoot at aerial targets.

It was helpful.

Maintaining a upright head posture allowed me to see (detect)
and follow (track) the aerial (or moving) targets more easily.

Quick Skill versus Quick Kill?
I don't recall if there was any difference - certainly not in principle.
Only in marketing.
Daisy was sensitive about being associated with the Viet Nam War effort.

We, in the Air Force, were not trained in snap-shooting.
Not even as a Security Policeman or for RED HORSE (554th) .
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