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Announcement of Agreement

Originally Posted by aom22 View Post
Such an arrangement would engender some form of formal announcement.
Originally Posted by j.r. guerra in s. texas View Post
Charles Daly / Kassnar / Zastava made rimfires and Remington Model 5.
Charles Daly: February 2006 eNewletter
.... Zastava has decided to join with Remington Arms ....
Mauser (Remington Model 798)
Mini-Mauser (Remington Model 799)
Zastava rimfire rifles (Remington Model Five) ....
We don’t think Remington will be selling actions or barreled actions but that remains to be seen.
We do know that Remington will not be selling the ZDA pistol.
Originally Posted by Looter View Post
.... IIRC Remmington has made a similar deal to sell Baikal shotguns in the US....
European American Armory: What's New
.... All of the guns we had been importing from Baikal of Russia (IZH models), will now be sold under the Spartan by Remington” name brand....
The change to Spartan by Remington was a positive change for the Baikal line and fully supported by EAA Corp....
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