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Toz-78 Basic Models

The Tulsky Oruzheiny Zavod website still list the basic model 78's.

Small-Bore Hunting Carbines TOZ-78
The standard set of TOZ-78 includes an optical sight.
ТОZ-78 (Л)
ТОZ-78-01 (Л)
Л (translates to L)
Letter "L" in shotgun designation indicates the stock with a cheek piece.
Accordingly, the basic TOZ-78 models should still be in-production.
It maybe the importer of the TOZ-78's is attempting to maintain
inventory control by minimizing the number of model variants they keep in-stock.

It is striking to me how price sensitive Russian firearms are.
In the case of the TOZ-78, a price over $100 dollars is too much.

The TOZ-99 at $115 dollars is a great deal - people are buying.
At what price point will sales slow?
Probably not much over $140 - still a good deal.

This makes me wonder if the Winchester Wildcat .22 will find a niche in the marketplace - considering its price.
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