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Not for sale in the USA: Importable: but, EXCLUDED Russian Models & Varients

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This link is to a list of firearms approved for importation.
Voluntary Restraining Agreement

These are some Biathlon or Biathlon based rifles with hunting (field) triggers that maybe importable - but, aren't.

Biathlon Basic 7-2 KO w/Dioptrical Sighting Device

Following Images Courtesy of sillymike from the thread IZHMASH Biathlon basic at CanadianGunNutz.com

Biathlon 7-3 Kadet (Биатлон 7-3 "Кадет")

"Biathlon 7-3" Cadet "- sports rifle rifle (for the younger age to 15 years).

Modern Firearms & Ammunition - Max R. Popenker: SV-99 Short-Range Sniper Rifle (малокалиберная снайперская винтовка СВ-99 (Россия))
An animal control officer/game warden or a civilian legal version has not been made available for sale in the USA.

.... The SV-99 is based on the BI-7 Biathlon Sporting Rifle ....With match grade ammunition SV-99 produces 1MOA 10-shot groups at 100 meters.
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