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1 inch (26mm) - Improved TOZ-78 Mount by EST

Improved See-Thru Mount by EST

EST Russian TOZ 78, TOZ 99, BE 7 Top Mount w/ 1" Rings)

This great top mount is manufactured by the well-known EST factory,
one of the main suppliers to the Tule Arsenal AK factory. The mount is designed
for the popular TOZ 78, TOZ 99 and BE 7.
This mount has never been available in
the West until now and is very difficult to find even in Russia. This is an updated
design just released in 2007. The mount places your optic directly on the
center-line of the rifle and keeps your scope low for ideal cheek weld.
Manufactured from weapons-grade steel to last a lifetime.

According to the diagram from Kalinka Optics
the mounting rail width of the TOZ 78 & 99 is 8.5 mm wide.

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