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Another option. Bear with me.

So, take apart one of the many Mark III/IV magazines available. In the round tube-like area the coil spring goes in to, slide a Phillips head screwdriver that just fits. That's your "anvil". Now gently tap down that punched out tab. That is what catches on the Mark II down by the heel mag release. Do not go below the surface into the spring area, it will catch on the coils or the follower.

Now re-assemble. At this point you should have a functional mark II magazine with a slit in the rounded area. Big deal.

If you don't have a medium sized Phillips screwdriver and a smallish hammer, I can't help with that. Lots of 2 pack of Mark III/IV magazines on eBay for about $40 shipped to your door. I really like the silver electroless plated nickel ones. Very smooth finish.
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