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The study everyone points to, was done on the Sierra Match King boat tail hollow point.
A long slender needle nose tail heavy projectile. As the pressure wave shifts forward during the transition
it causes the tail heavy bullet to yaw/pitch and sometimes tumble, as was shown in the ballistics lab study.
McCoy did an additional study on match grade 22lr and found that supersonic 22lr did not produce that problem.
His conclusion was that the difference in accuracy between match grade standard velocity 22lr and match grade hi-v 22lr
was "insignificant" Page 11, paragraph 5 of his report. See the link below...


The problem with hi-v 22lr is it is all bulk ammunition. Minimal quality control.
You can't expect accuracy from 22lr ammo that looks like it was dropped onto a pile of gravel and kicked around.

The only difference between similarly made hi-v and subsonic 22lr is hi-v shows a slight increase in wind drift, that's all.
No loss of accuracy if the bullets are made the same and only mv is different.

Folks using the transonic shift as an excuse for poor results with 22lr, need to take a closer look at their ammo.

Do you really think bullets like these are going to produce consistent trajectories?
Look at all those dents/dings/sloppy drive bands. If the nose of the bullet is beat to heck, so is the heel.
No way are you going to get repeatable trajectories from cr*p ammo.

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