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TRG3 01-12-2017 06:54 PM

Martini shotgun
While I've got a few Martini rifles in both rimfire as well as centerfire, I know very little about the Martini shotgun. Being an avid rabbit hunter with some descent beagles, I think I'd enjoy using a unique shotgun like that built on the Martini action. I'd appreciate any information you could provide, especially literature/references where I could increase my knowledge as well as where one could begin the search to purchase the shotgun. Thank you.

BulletBait 01-12-2017 09:39 PM


DoubleD 01-13-2017 10:29 AM

There might be better forums for Martini Shotgun discussion. Try British Militaria forum. This forum actually is just for Rimfires.

I have a Greener Martini EG Shotgun and a Converted MK II Martini Henry smooth-bore.

I used the Greener for Turkey hunting, but no turkey was harmed or killed. They stopped out about 100 yards. Their gobbles sounded just a bit like laughter.

TRG3 01-13-2017 09:23 PM

DoubleD...Thanks for the information regarding British firearm forums. Speaking of success with turkeys, I think I can help you with that. In my early years of turkey hunting, I tried to call them in sounding like a hen. My success rate was about one turkey every three years. Then I read an article by Ray Eye in which he described the importance of the peck order among the hens and gobblers in a flock. I now usually fill all three of my Illinois spring turkey tags by sounding like an outsider gobbler, one that challenges the others in a flock via a Primos shaker gobble tube. It's very typical for one or more gobblers to seek me out and challenge my Funky Chicken or Pretty Boy gobbler decoy. I've successfully taken gobblers with my .62 caliber Fusil as well as my Remington 1889 double barrel with reduced loads. I've even successfully taken gobblers utilizing a decoy made out of a black five-gallon plastic bucket utilizing binder clips to secure the wings and fan tail with a short piece of 2X4 painted for a head. Best of luck in your pursuit of my favorite animal to hunt, the wild turkey.

TRG3 01-18-2017 11:07 AM

After doing some internet searching, I'm finding that the WW Greener GP 12 gauge is what I'm looking for and they are more available in England; however, I'm looking for advice from anyone who has imported any firearms from there and the cost, paper work, hassle, etc. involved in doing so. Thanks.

SillyMike 01-20-2017 04:42 PM

Can't help you with the paperwork involved to import one... But if you have any specific question on the GP, I'll do my best to help.

Mine does a good job at knocking grouses and the like.

A few years ago, it seemed like Greener MkIII Police shotguns were all over the place, for not much $$... Wish I'd gotten one.

JVStalin 01-20-2017 06:55 PM

Importation of a firearm .

Originally Posted by TRG3 (Post 7966874)
After doing some internet searching, I'm finding that the WW Greener GP 12 gauge is what I'm looking for and they are more available in England; however, I'm looking for advice from anyone who has imported any firearms from there and the cost, paper work, hassle, etc. involved in doing so. Thanks.

I have not imported a shotgun from the UK , but , I did import a handgun from Switzerland , a couple of years ago. What an expensive , long-drawn-out PITA. Both the Swiss exporter and American import broker were very helpful, knowledgeable and pushed the process along as best they could. It still took six months or so, and, cost about seven hundred bucks with all the fees . Paperwork had to be filed in Switzerland to certify that the former Swiss Army pistol was not stolen, and , that, as a weapon of war , it was going to a collector, not to a warlord ( End User Certification ) . Our DEC required a statement that the wooden grips were not of an endangered species . Payment ? Believe me , putting funds into a Swiss numbered bank account ain't as easy as in the movies . My advice is to buy the gun here , as Greener did import them . If you do want an adventure , make sure that it is still possible / legal to do so before commiting any bucks ! Good Luck ! :bthumb: :D

DoubleD 01-21-2017 08:19 PM

Suggest you watch the two auction sites Auction Arms and Gun Broker.com. These things show up all the time. The Trap models especially.

I would also put up a WTB at British Militaria Yard Sale.

Contact the Late John Appleton's shop in Front Royal, VA I believe someone said recently, maybe here, that they had some.

I have made a number personal Importations from several countries abroad. I am also a retired Customs Officer who specialized in arms import/export. I know how to do this. You need to understand there is two parts to the process.

Export from the country where gun is.

Import into the US.

Each process has its own set requirements.

I would not attempt to walk the Minefield of personal exportation from Great Britain.

The Import part into the U.S. is simple and straight forward. Apply for and get an ATF Form 6. I have had to have that first before any of the countries I was exporting from would start their process.

If the gun is former Government you need to use the services of a Registered importer to bring them into the US. Those long fore stack Guard guns will fit in this category. FYI-Martini Cadets fall under this category now.

If you find a gun in UK, I suggest you hire some like Simpson's to import it for you.

Of course the other pitfalls is shipping. Usually airfreight although some countries will allow the use of the mail. Expensive for one gun, when spread acros several guns, not so bad.

TRG3 01-22-2017 01:04 PM

I appreciate the input from fellow members who have had experience with both the WW Greener GP shotgun as well as exporting/importing. Thanks to you, I have several leads concerning this shotgun and will continue my search via the suggestions you have provided. Again, thank you.

williamnovak 02-09-2017 04:31 AM

I see them frequently at the Ohio Gun Collectors Association shows. Collectors come from Illinois where I see you're from. Need a member to vouch for you to get a visitor's pass.

shot410ga 02-09-2017 09:34 AM

I have seen a few Trapshooter's through the years using Martini Trap guns. Very rare, but they are around. If you want one go to "trapshooters.com" to the "want to buy" section and put an ad in that section. I'm sure someone will sell you one.

natman 02-09-2017 02:21 PM

Importing a gun will cost you a lot more than the gun itself. Best to buy one that's already in the country.

Beware of Martini - Greener colonial shotguns. At a glance they might appear to be 12 ga, but they are actually chambered for a 12 ga shell necked down to 14 ga. They also require special ammo with a circular groove machined around the primer. The idea was to arm native security guards with a single shot shotgun adequate for guard duty while controlling access to the special ammo to keep them from being used in uprisings. Nice collector's items, but not practical shooters.

There are commercial 12 ga Martini shotguns out there, just do a search on GunBroker and save it with "Send Emails" to get an email when one shows up.

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