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mrec300 09-16-2019 08:42 PM

Fennville Rod and Gun club egg shoot
Our last egg shoot of the year, is in the books and No Rain!! We had some tricky winds to contend with early on, that died down in the afternoon.
200 Yards Results:
We had two perfect scores of 15 shot by Tina C & Phil W they shot off with jaw breakers for first & second place.
Tina C took First with 6 jaw breakers
Phil W followed with 4 jaw breakers for 2nd Place
Two shooters shot 14 -Eric A & Mike C , Mike C took 3rd with 6 jaw breakers to Eric A’s 3 jaw breakers for 4th place

100 Yard Results
Six shooters shot 15’s
Al M , Mike C , Jevik F, Marge O, Mike K Sr. Mike K Jr.
this tie breaker turned out to be a lengthy one! First Round of 9 jaw breakers, Mike K Jr & Mike C , both shot 9’s causing a second round of shoot offs for two more perfect 9’s , then went into sudden death and Mike K Jr, came out Victorious ( 1st)
Mike C took 2nd
Two of the six shooters, Al M , Marge O shot 7’s in the first round so they shot off again Al M shooting 7 for 3rd place & Marge O shooting 6 for 4th place.
50 Yard Irons
We changed up the shooting format to cut down the perfect 15’s with 12 eggs & 3 jaw breakers!
Five people were able to clean their racks . Tina C , Al D , Mike C , Mike K Jr & Al M . Six jawbreakers were set up for shoot off, all shooters shot all 6 ! Six more were set, to liven it up the timer was set for 30 sec .... Mike C & Mike K Jr shot 5 each. Al M & Al D both shot 4 ! Paper targets were out , to determine places !
Mike K Jr 1st place
Mike C 2nd place
Al M 3rd place
Al D 4th Place

This has been a great year with many new faces, stories & friendships. The Kane’s & Cooks would like to Thank Everyone who participated and give a special thanks to everyone who helped with all aspects of making the “Egg Shoots “ run so smoothly!! We could not do this in the timely manner, without all of you. Looking forward to seeing everyone in 2020 !!

thesandman 09-17-2019 05:51 AM

Hey Brother mrec300; thanks for all the fun. It amazes me to see the shooting exhibitions at these egg shoots. Did i miss how many were there? Seemed like alot. Thanks

mrec300 09-17-2019 12:44 PM

Sandman, we ran 69 benches of shooters at this shoot! We beat our record f 67 last month. Its great to see this sport grow. If we could only get more youths involved it would be a perfect family outing.

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