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glock3540 05-13-2019 08:42 PM

Entry rifle with peep and globe
I want to buy my younger daughter a 22 rifle for 4H this year. My oldest uses my Kimber 82G but it is way too heavy for the young one. Other than a Savage FVT, are there any other entry level rifles that come from the factory with a peep and globe? Willing to spend around $500.

Salukiman 05-13-2019 09:04 PM

Entry rifle with peep and globe
You might be able to find a Ruger American model 8328 rifle with 18" barrel. In 2016 Ruger shipped this limited edition lightweight rifle fitted with Williams sights for distribution through United Sporting Cos. Maybe they still have them. I paid around $345 for mine.

JDMANN 05-13-2019 10:06 PM

It's quite difficult to find a rifle to fill that gap for position shooting. Not many rifles are made with proper aperture sights that cost less than $1500+. Some of our 4-H NRA 3-P competitors use FVT's and do quite well. A few are putting Boyd AT-1 stocks, which help tremendously. I think that's your least expensive route until she can use the excellent Kimber 82g. Savage offers a special purchase program for 4-H members. It's a VERY good deal!

truckjohn 05-14-2019 07:37 AM

How small is your kid?
There are several folks who have put together a Bill of Materials to adapt the Savage Rascal youth rifle for a target peep rear sight and a globe front.

You could probably do about the same thing with a smaller lighter youth rifle of nearly any brand.

Another option is to hunt sites like Gunbroker and buy a used rifle that's already been converted by somebody else. That may actually be the most economical option - as the market doesn't put a large premium on target aperture sights. You buy the rifle for about the same price as a regular model - but you get $200-300 worth of sights and gunsmith work basically free.

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