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rmist 01-14-2018 04:54 PM

Rimfire prone matches/ Smallbore F Class
Rimfire prone matches
Where can you shoot around or close to central PA that allows rimfire F Class along side of prone matches that are sanctioned ? Been looking and not much out there. Redding,PA has one but not sanctioned.
Thanks again

NMC_EXP 01-21-2018 06:37 PM

Smallbore prone is big in PA. Most prone w/sling events welcome F-class shooters.

Might want to check with the state R&P association.

Best bet may be the "Coming Events" calendar published electronically by the NRA as part of its Shooting Sports USA e-zine.

All NRA sanctioned events are listed on the Coming Events calendar. It covers all shooting sports. You need to look for smallbore rifle, then Conventional Prone and Metric Prone. Not many specific F-class matches.

Direct link to Coming Events:


If that does not work open this link to the SSUSA mag and click on the image in the upper left


Be advised - this is very early in the season so not many matches are scheduled yet. You need to check the Coming Events calendar monthly as it is updated.

rmist 02-20-2018 07:57 PM

Thank you !

Peebles24 12-23-2018 06:56 PM

Love fclass postal league

rmist 07-30-2019 02:54 PM


Originally Posted by Peebles24 (Post 11279717)
Love fclass postal league

Where do you do Smallbore F Class postal matches? Where can you see results?

Rimfireshooter99 08-06-2019 08:38 AM

rmist, if you have any interest, find the details for a monthly postal match below:

What's a postal match?

Each month, we provide in an email, a set of rules and instructions on how to shoot a match and provide targets for each match. You only need to print your targets, go to a range, shoot the match, score your targets, then take a picture of each target, and email them to the Match email address: [email protected].

We will compile the scores from all shooters, and send a summary of results to all shooters after the month is complete. We also include an equipment list (rifle, ammo and scope) so all shooters can see what everyone is shooting.

And the best part is that there is no cost for you to participate!

Monthly Matches available:
• 50 Yard Scoped Rifle Match (.22LR)
• 50 Yard Iron Sight Rifle Match (.22LR)
• 100 Yard Mini-Palma Rifle Match (.22LR)
• 200 Yard Texas Mosquito Shoot (.22LR)
• 10 Meter Air Rifle Match (iron sight and scoped rifles) (.177-.25 pellets)

To join the competition, simply email Norm or Larry at [email protected], let us know you’re interested. We’ll email you the Match Information/Rules, and Targets and you'll be all set to join the competition and fun!

Best regards,


rmist 08-07-2019 12:46 PM

Thank you Rimfireshooter99...I emailed Norm to the address you shared.

Thanks again

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