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Joe McNeill 04-22-2021 09:19 AM

Summit action
How easy is the action to load/eject a round. The Anschutz is a pull/push mmanuver, is the Summit a pull push also or does the action an automatic return?
I have never seen one in action so if you have a link I would appreciate it.


Stepper 04-22-2021 12:35 PM

Very easy to load and unload. And use whatever Ruger mag you like. It push pull no auto return. It's basically a toggle. Very simple and effective.

StevieNH 04-22-2021 02:25 PM

My son had a difficult time with his Summit action. The provided pins and hardware didn't fit his 10/22 properly (with either the Kidd drop in or the stock Ruger trigger) and it was very finicky about mags. It took a few trips back and forth from VQ before the issue was finally resolved and I still think the fit is a compromise, but at least it works now. I think he had an early production unit and, in retrospect, VQ probably should have replaced it and saved consternation on both ends. They were very pleasant and professional, as always, but it should not have been such an ordeal. It seems to be OK now, but it took a long time and, for an action that cost more than a complete CZ rifle would have, we both expected more.

As Stepper has said, the Summit action is a linked toggle, so the lever pivots slightly as it moves front to rear and back again. There is a slight feeling of detent as it locks into, and unlocks from battery in the forward position. My son's Summit seems to be happiest when cycled smoothly, and fairly briskly. Very fast or very slow, or with hesitation, and it sometimes does not chamber the next round reliably. Also need to be sure nothing is touching the mag while the action is being cycled.

I love the concept and, once past the idiosyncrasies of his particular example, it's a lot of fun to shoot. For the more than $600 he paid for the bare action, I would have found another place to spend my money. I'm a CZ guy, though, so I have the family rivalry to uphold!

I've never used the Fortner action on the Anschutz rifles, but that appears to be a straight back and forth motion. Maybe someone with actual experience can confirm or correct.

bnanaphone 04-24-2021 05:21 PM

I have had a VQ Summit action for about five months now. So far, mine has functioned great through 200+ rounds.

It is a toggle action which is fast & easy to cycle. Suppressed, it’s as quiet as a bolt action.


I have no experience with any other biathlon or straight-pull actions.

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