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jebus627 03-30-2021 08:07 PM

Group Therapy-Cadet Accuracy
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Would like to see or read about the accuracy you get from your Martini Cadet rifle. Groups at 50 yards is preferred but 25 yards is good also. Have a 12/15 and I get 3/4Ē groups at 50, need to improve my bench technique to be more steady. SK Standard and CCI SV is what I am shooting. Have to fill my new rear bag with sand and try again.

I started the thread on spotting a Vickers for sale and heard itís a better shooter then a Cadet. Have a month to see what a Cadet is capable of before the gun show and possible purchase of the Vickers. May just stay with the Cadet, since I canít seem to get smaller groups with it, I will see what better shooters here can do.

If you donít have any pictures, head to the range and shoot some 5 shot groups at 50 yds and post them here. My goal this year is to shoot less then 1/4Ē groups at 50 yds. Bought a Savage Anschutz 54 sporter to achieve the small groups but my heart is with the Martiniís, love em. May buy the Vickers anyway cause itís cool and rare :). Larry

gewehrfreund 03-31-2021 08:05 AM

That's a nice 12/15. I can't comment on the Vickers, since I've never owned or handled one.

Not to pick nits, but 12/15 is not a Cadet; it's a purebred target rifle and has the thicker frame. The cadets are all based on an earlier model of the BSA martini and built on the thin walled receiver.

gcrank1 03-31-2021 09:28 AM

We have chaps here shooting 200yd silhouette (yes, properly scaled) with those model rifles. One with the PH peeps and one with a Fecker(?) target scope. Obviously they can, and do, use them for shorter range shooting also.
Another has a Mdl 8(?), 22 lr on the Cadet action, with iron sights but he has not used it for the sil. match (he is a purely scope guy for that), but has used it to 150ish yd in the Prairie Dog Shoot (random distance full size PD's, offhand, highest knock-down count wins.
Btw, we are all using std velo, mid-grade 'target' ammo, Nobody uses American made HV sporting ammo.

jebus627 03-31-2021 10:29 AM

Interesting on the name Cadet, always figured if it wasnít an International and had humps on the receiver it was a Cadet. If it had no humps it was a Vickers. I knew some had thicker receivers but didnít know which ones.

I know the Internationals are super accurate just wondered what the others did in that department. Figured we could have fun telling how our guns shot or trying to see what we can do at 50 yds.

WOW, 200 yards knocking down steel with a .22 is great. Thatís offhand correct?? Larry

gcrank1 03-31-2021 11:24 AM

Offhand has been done, but as most of us are now, ummm, geezers....we are using cross sticks though anyone who wants to can shoot position or offhand if they wish.
It is a 'friendly match', no entry fees, no prizes, brag iffin ya want, happy hour after and a long weekend campout c/w bbq and fish fry. Some 'side matches' and when not in a match lots of playing with different toys.
Perfect! :)

sabel 03-31-2021 03:12 PM

I thought the Cadet was a 310 cal. center fire, with a light weight military style straight grip stock. Typical military training rifle.

PigButtons 05-12-2021 08:41 PM


Originally Posted by sabel (Post 12268391)
I thought the Cadet was a 310 cal. center fire, with a light weight military style straight grip stock. Typical military training rifle.

This is correct. They were used to train the young men of Australia to shoot from just after WWI to just after WWII. But back in the 1950's you could buy a Cadet action with stocks for $2, as Australia was liquidating all of their trainers. Or a whole rifle for $9, but 310 Cadet ( or Rook as it was also called ), was not something easy to come by even back then. So many of them were bought as project guns and turned into 22lr. There were two companies that did that 22lr conversion commercially, Greener and BSA. The actions are light weight but extremely strong, so they can handle almost any round that can be chambered in the falling block envelope. I have one in .357 Magnum that is close to maxed out for length. It makes for a very fun, light weight, sporter, and another one in 22K Hornet. I know how you feel about the Martinis having a special charm.

MajorD 05-14-2021 04:33 PM

Donít forget the cadet rifles were also converted by sportco of Australia into 22ís. I had one I recently sold, solid shooter but just didnít have a purpose for it. It had a scope rail for modern scopes added and it hung over the action making loading a bit of a challenge

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