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AKkyle 10-02-2019 01:44 PM

Model 62 info
Hello, this is my first post. Let me first thank any and all who take the time to read and or respond.
I was given a pump action .22 Rossi by my Uncle who is 86.
A generic search of the rifle leads me to believe that it's model 62(a/sa?)
The first stamp on the barrel reads " 22 Short - Long OR Long Rifle" at mid barrel on the left is stamped " Amadeo Rossi & CIH" opposite side is stamped " Made In Brazil" and also " Firearms Int'l Corp Washington,D.C."
Could not locate a model # stamp
The serial number is ridiculously low and is 5 digits total starting as "G00***"
I do not wish to sell this rifle. I am however trying gauge its mfg year info.
I want to have rifle refinished and put back to use for my boy who developed a bond with my elderly Uncle.
Any help the forum could assist me with is greatly appreciated and I thank you all once again.

sabel 10-02-2019 03:16 PM


FIRST welcome to the best forum for rimfires, enjoy the insanity that will follow.

As far as you're uncle's rifle, I would suggest just getting anything that is broken or warn repaired. Your son has bonded with your uncle, a little faded blue, or scratches and dings are a part of the rifles character, imparted by your uncle, no reason to disturb that, cherish it.
I have my grandfather's Winchester model 1890, short only pump. There is no blue left, just brown, and the stock finish is starting to rub through in spots, the barrel is a sewer pipe from the old black powder rounds. The ONLY thing I would consider doing would be getting the barrel relined. I want the rifle shootable but I don't want to change the character of the rifle that was given to me by fine old man and inspiration.

Toomany22s 10-02-2019 03:42 PM

The pumps are all 62 SA( slide action)
They came in blue and nickel, and one year, 1986, stainless. With either a 23 or 161/2 inch barrel most with round barrels but some with octagon barrels. The early ones were s, l or Lr rifles, the later ones changed the lifter and were 22 Lr only.

Firearms international went out of business in the 1960s so yours is an old one, but I couldnít find any serial # date of mfg lists. Back then everything was on paper, then micro filmed then burned:eek:

They donít seem to have a lot of value as collectors guns, but are fine shooters, so refinishing yours shouldn't decrease its value.

Just get it , your boy , and your uncle to a field with a big box of ammo and a bunch of tin cans and have fun:bthumb:

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