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kirby999 04-29-2019 09:13 PM

Browning 1911-22 vs Walther Colt 1911-22
The title says it all . Iím interested in a 1911-22 .
Which is the better , more reliable of the two ?
Who makes the Browning 1911-22 ?
Anybody own both ?
Or should I stay away from both ? Kirby

68bonne 04-30-2019 06:45 AM

I at one time owned both also had the GSG , I still own the Browning its a keeper the other two are long gone.

LtCrunch 04-30-2019 07:34 AM

I own both Kirby and trying to compare them is apples and oranges.

The Browning is a keepsake, an extremely well built 85% copy of the original 1911 design. It's a joy to hold although very small in large hands and reasonably fun to shoot although the fixed sights seem tiny and are problematic for me and my geezer eyes. I liked the first one so much that I bought a second for my 4'11" daughter...fits her like a glove. A beautiful and unusual finely made handgun.

The Walther/Umarex Colt clones come in a variety of flavors. Mine is the Gold Cup and was half the price of the Browning ($250ish.) For an economy hand gun I have nothing but good things to say about it. Excellent full size rendition of the original 1911 design and a superb suppressor host. It eats any ammo I throw at it including standard velocity and is accurate enough that I wouldn't be embarrassed to shoot it in bullseye competition. Money well spent is my last word.

So boiling the frog, do you want a miniaturized heirloom or a very functional knock around piece?


824tsv 04-30-2019 07:46 AM

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The Browning is 85% of a full size 1911.
I've had excellent luck with my Walther/Colt Gold Cup Trophy which is full size. Bought new in 2012, I have many thousands of rounds through it. This is a recent target and it still shoots very well. It accompanies me to every range visit and they make great plinkers.

jon p 04-30-2019 08:22 AM

i am sure the browning is excellent, BUT
it is NOT full size and has tiny sights so I have heard. it is very expensive compared to the GSG and COLT gold cup. I have owned both the GSG and COLT, for the money the COLT is superior in MY OPINION. GSG very nice, but COLT is nicer, better fit, finish, more dependable. I traded off my GSG, kept the COLT. I have looked at the BROWNING, just too expensive for what it is. I would rather own a full size .22 1911.

jon p 04-30-2019 08:24 AM

good shootin` !!
I love my gold cup .22 .

LtCrunch 04-30-2019 09:21 AM

15% scale reduction is very noticeable
2 Attachment(s)
A couple of pics to show the diff between 100% and 85%.


Badlandsboy 04-30-2019 10:17 AM

I can't speak about the colt as I have never owned one. I have shot one a few times and it seemed OK to me. I have owned the GSG and several Browning's and have used all for suppressor host's. I have large hands and always buy L or Xl gloves and I really like the smaller Browning and it is works absolutely flawlessly with all ammo SV or HV that I have tried. I sold the GSG and bought a 2nd Browning.

kirby999 05-20-2019 06:31 AM

Thanks guys for help . I’m still looking and will probably pick up one of the Walther/Colts soon . Thanks , Kirby
Edit: just ordered a Walther/Colt . Thanks

kirby999 05-28-2019 04:25 PM

Finally picked up my Colt 1911-22 this morning.
First thing I did was swap out the grips with some I already had.
It’ll be the end of the week before I’ll get a chance to try it out .
Can’t wait ! Kirby

824tsv 05-28-2019 08:42 PM

Nice pick up. I'm pretty sure you will be quite happy with it.

Canucky 05-28-2019 09:23 PM

There are other models of the Browning 1911A1. With better sights.

kirby999 05-28-2019 10:13 PM


Originally Posted by Canucky (Post 11496275)
There are other models of the Browning 1911A1. With better sights.

Yep , I know , but at double the price. Kirby

jon p 05-29-2019 07:47 AM

browning 1911 .22
is a beautiful LITTLE pistol. I looked at them , very expensive with poor sights. I wanted a full size .22 1911 so I went with a GSG. nice inexpensive full size gun. then the walther/colt gold cup caught my eye at a decent price, sold the GSG. I just like the feel and looks of the colt, seems to be excellent quality. mine ran 100% out of the box, and continues to do so. accurate too. I have nothing against the browning at all , except it is too small for me. I think for the money, the colt is the best buy, just my observation.

kirby999 05-29-2019 09:06 AM

I was surprised at the size of the full size Colt 1911-22 . I expected it to be huge from the posts Iíve read .
I think I made the right choice , Iím afraid the smaller Browning would have been too small for what I was wanting.
The Colt has a great feel to it .

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