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Ledslnger 01-27-2019 01:57 PM

Any new .17 WSMs?
With Shotshow here anyone hear anything about new rifles coming out in WSM? I wish TC would come out with a bolt action. Would love a VQ Summit in WSM.

stockranger 01-27-2019 02:23 PM

I am wondering the same thing. I have searched but have not found anything, so I do not think so. What a total shame.

Eric Mayer 01-27-2019 09:46 PM

None officially announced.

B23 01-27-2019 10:10 PM


Originally Posted by Eric Mayer (Post 11332577)
None officially announced.

Eric, I'm guessing you just spend the last few days at Shot and talked to many of the different players in the rimfire world, curious, did any of them even show any interest or talk like they have ANY amount of interest in building a 17 WSM at any time down the road?

I'll wait for your answer, but if I was a betting man, I'd probably put my money on, they either have no interest at all at this time, or the cost for them to design/develop a 17 WSM outweighs the benefit for them to offer one. It's unfortunate, because I'm a big believer in competition is what drives manufacturers to build better stuff.

Eric Mayer 01-27-2019 10:20 PM

No one at this time. There was some talk with some small companies, but nothing yet.

M92pv4u 01-27-2019 10:55 PM

Im waiting on the garrow firearms development version of the wsm i have hmr and would like to keep my guns the same design

PGW_Steve 01-28-2019 11:50 PM

Last summer I sent an email to Savage BEGGING them to scale up the A17 to WSM. They already have a magazine. They have an action that has delayed unlocking to deal with the extra pressure of the WSM, the HMR version works great! I suggested they bypass a skinny barreled plastic stock version and come out with a HB laminate in an ambi configuration like my A17 Target Sporter. Since the company that owns Savage, also owns Butler Creek, did a fantastic job (IMHO) on the 25 round A17 magazine, they could introduce a 20 round WSM version.

Savage knows how to make a .17 shoot, I would bet they make more 17 cal rimfire rifles than anybody else. The Savage 17's I have shoot, including my SSHB laminate Bmag. If anything, they need to do this to pay for their sins of the skinny Bmags when the round was launched.

BRING OUT AN A17 WSM!!!!!!! The ammo manufacturers would LOVE them for it!

MKivSupra 01-29-2019 12:18 AM

I heard of Chiappa little badgers coming out in wsm but couldnt find any, even on their website. Possibly in the future? I went with hmr anyways

Ledslnger 02-12-2019 09:24 PM


Originally Posted by MKivSupra (Post 11334293)
I heard of Chiappa little badgers coming out in wsm but couldnt find any, even on their website. Possibly in the future? I went with hmr anyways

Any additions are welcome. Some people think the WSM will fail like the 5mm. I saw more WSM rifles in it’s first 6 months of production than I have seen 5mm rifles and boxes of ammo in my lifetime! No comparison imo. Quite a few high end companies producing rifles now too.

17VLD 02-13-2019 06:39 AM

Another thing......
I think that another plus for the 17WSM is that we now have the internet and a FaceBook page for this newest of rimfires.The 5mm never had that kind of publicity plus some people think the millimeter designation scared a few folks off too.People can share pictures of rifles group sizes and fixes to their rifles along with hunt videos instantly,just think if the internet and Eric Mayer’s 5mm page was around back then,things would be different today for the 5mm.I have been on the fence about this cartridge for a while hoping to see CZ,Sako,Anshutz,and perhaps Tikka get on board,I think Europeans are not so quick to jump on the bandwagon but once they do I am sure they will offer some awesome guns for this cartridge.I feel that once they see how much this cartridge is loved they will build ‘em.The 17HMR is a great cartridge with some mighty big shoes to fill but it can be done.The best thing we can do is keep buying what is currently out there and shooting this cartridge and eventually we may see lots more offerings in 17WSM.Corporate bean counters want instant results,but I think in the firearms industry it does take time for guys to pony up and buy that new gun that they want but need to justify in their heads and perhaps pocketbook.I think in time we will see the 17WSM is here to stay:)

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