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Elee 04-29-2021 01:10 PM

.17 cal major problem
Hi all; I am posting this here as I do not know where else to get suggestions. This is regarding my centerfire .17 cal. bolt action Cooper centerfire rifle in .17 Garin (necked down 30 carbine)...not a .17 rimfire, but my problem would apply to both. My rifle is a new, very expensive, very nice bolt action, as yet unfired. I thought it a wise idea to clean the bore before shooting it, so I bought a Hoppe's Bore Snake in .177 cal. I removed the bolt, dipped the bore snake in solvent, ran the weighted end down the bore from the chamber, grasped it at the muzzle end and pulled. The bore snake entered the bore fine...until the end of the snake reached the neck of the chamber. There it locked up, with no amount of pulling able to pull it through the bore. Finally, I wrapped the exposed cord at the muzzle around a screwdriver, and pulled REALLY hard. You guessed it...the cord end of the bore snake separated from the woven body portion, leaving me with no way to access it at either end. Now I have match grade barrel absolutely jammed tight with woven nylon bore snake the entire length of the bore. I have tried everything....making a tiny sharpened hook out of spring steel wire and hooking the material from the breech, but it just frays the nylon and the pulls free. I tried a .17 cal brass rod set into the muzzle and tapped with a hammer, but it just seats the woven cord even tighter. Thought of using a solvent to dissolve the material, but acetone does not dissolve the material. I am at a complete loss. Any ideas? Have I ruined a $4000.00 custom rifle before I even shot it?? A word of caution to all you .17 shooters out there....DON'T USE A BORE SNAKE ON .17 CAL BARRELS!!!

Mike_AK 04-29-2021 01:16 PM

Is there enough protruding from the chamber end to grasp with a long pair of hemostats?

Elee 04-29-2021 01:23 PM

No! There is maybe 1/8" of frayed cord protruding from inside the neck of the chamber, with the length and width of the action preventing the opening of hemostats. A good thought though...thanks for trying!

Mike_AK 04-29-2021 01:34 PM

Ask a gunsmith.

Toomany22s 04-29-2021 01:48 PM

Eye brow tweezers. Grab the ens and twist, roping the strand around the tweezers. Pull gently and twist some more.

Kestrel4k 04-29-2021 01:51 PM

How about going beyond acetone, to dissolve the poly material ?
I'm thinking carb cleaner, brake cleaner, xylene, those sorts of things.
Remove bbl from action, fill bbl with solvent, cap bbl end to prevent evaporation perhaps.

TEDDY BEAR RAT 04-29-2021 01:51 PM

That is one heck of a problem. You have done everything I can think of to try. My suggestion was going to be tapping it from the muzzle end with a brass rod (you definitely want it going in the same direction as it started, so those bristles don't have to make a U-turn in the bore), but the cushion effect of the nylon cord is probably killing any jarring effect. I guess I would set the barreled action muzzle up, dose the bore regularly with Kroil, and try continued tapping again.

Mike_AK 04-29-2021 02:00 PM

Here is a thought... Take the barreled action out of the stock, fill the bore with Kroil, and prop it up in a corner for a while, then take one of those air gun thingys with the rubber tip and try blowing it out with a compressor. The Kroil, being a liquid, will not compress and will transfer all the pressure to the offending bore snake, forcing it back out through the chamber. Either that or you will take a bath in Kroil.

Mike_AK 04-29-2021 02:06 PM

Or worst case scenario, thread the muzzle for a Zerk fitting and pump it out with a grease gun then cut and recrown the barrel.

K22 04-29-2021 02:21 PM

Since you have exhausted most avenues I would box it up and send it back to Cooper.

9x19 04-29-2021 02:46 PM

No help with your dilemma, but that is the exact reason I remove the brass brush from bore snakes before first use. If I need the cleaning power of a brush, I'll use a rod.

Good luck, you could burn the cord out, but then you have some melted nylon to clean up and that would likely require some serious brushing. :confused:

Elee 04-29-2021 02:47 PM

Thanks for all the ideas...no luck yet. I am going to try a longer pair of 10" hemostats I ordered off Amazon. Maybe I can grind down the thickness of the hemostats at the joint to get a pinch on the end in the chamber. I definitely think it has to come out from the chamber end. There are no bristles on a .17 cal Hoppe's bore snake, so if I can make something to get a grip on the frayed end in the chamber it might work. Talk about a stupid thing to do...but I just never thought a bore snake would cause such a problem!

Discontinued 04-29-2021 03:00 PM

So sorry to hear this you must be crestfallen

I have often thought this about Hoppes bore snakes the newer red one was so flimsy compared to the older versions I stopped using it for the exact reason the poor OP describes.

One thing you could try, is any of the body of the snake protruding from the muzzle?

If so get some very high strength epoxy resin and make a "nodule" to at least get a decent purchase upon the snake as it will stop the constant fraying

Other than that some hydraulic method could be applied

Personally I would consider contacting Hoppes and making some form of serous complaint

Sad to say the fake ones are far better made. I removed the bristles from my fake bore snake, I also cut it down to 6 inches so it wont snag in the bore.

So sorry to hear this I hope you get the situation resolved

Ratdog 04-29-2021 03:10 PM

Got a scuba tank or argon bottle?
Jury rig a high pressure line to the muzzle. Maybe a sash clamp but slot one end for a high pressure gas source line ( dont use oxygen), use the clamp to pull the line and seal against the muzzle. Open the valve.

Lerrab 04-29-2021 03:43 PM

Been a long time but an amatuer gunsmith here local had a BIG straightened fish hook looking deal soldered onto a threaded brush adapter which he could screw onto a cleaning rod. If he or anyone else shoved too big a patch and got it stuck he could remove it by sinking the hook's barb through the patch. Could use a rod guide and remove it from the chamber end. Don't know anything about a boresnake don't know what is there to sink the hook into. if it is kinda hard getting the hook in, heating the hook might allow it to penetrate!

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