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Tenspot 11-09-2003 09:44 AM

October Semis v. Bolts v. Singles @ 25 yds
Hey folks, here are the 25yd Semi v. Bolt v. Singles teams. In doing these this month I made several observations. We have a lot of CZs shooting, but very few hitting 248+, on the other hand the Suhls mostly tend stay above 248. I know the 2 guns are not apples to apples, but we have several people here workin pretty hard with their CZs. For the number of shooters we have, no Rem 597 of TC Classic scores this month, which seems surprising. I am also surprised that more old Rem 37s and Win 52s have not found their way into the matches here.

*25 Rugers
*17 Anschutz
*14 CZs
*12 Suhls
*9 Sakos
*5 Customs (Hall, Turbo, etc..)
*4 Savages
*3 Remingtons
*3 Walthers
*3 Winchesters
*3 Kimbers
*3 TC
*1 NS522
*1 Martinis

Bolts Team A
250-20x Frank Terrell. Mountainaire, New Mexico
250-17x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
250-17x Jim Pollard. Kingsland, Texas (graybeard)
250-15x Dennis Chavez Albuquerque, New Mexico

Click Clacks Team A
250-18x Jerry Lowe Corrales, New Mexico (JL)
250-15x Danny Dickey. Lovelady, Texas (Marble8)
250-14x John Tokie. Shawnee,Ohio (ohioruger)
250-13x Ron Starner, Indianola, Iowa (Antlurz)

Bolts Team B
250-15x Mike Desaire. La Mesa, California
250-15x John Harris. Jamul, California (Gordon Gauge)
250-15x Mike Hunter (Forester). Summerville South Carolina
250-14x Mike Chappelear, Bassett,Virginia.(Pinball)

Bolts Team C
250-14x Gage Ward. Sault Ste. Marie, Mich. (Age 9)
250-14x Mike Ward. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
250-13x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
250-13x Dave Ill Alb NM (Ducdave)

Bolts Team D
250-13x Gary Lemons Afton, Tennessee. (Tn. Hillbilly)
250-13x Paul Verhey Central Lake, Michigan.
250-11x Paul Jenkins. Wilmington, Delaware
250-10x John Day, Austin Texas

Bolts Team E
250-11x Zach Harris. Jamul, California (Time)
250-10x Joe Haller. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
250-10x Brian Headlee, New Richmond, Wisconsin (Tenspot)
250-9x Steven Bressan. Phoenix, Arizona

Bolts Team F
250 9x Gary Lemons Afton, Tennessee. (Tn. Hillbilly)
250-9x Gauge Ward. Sault Ste, Marie. Michigan (Age 9)
250-7x Al Wackowski. Panama City, Florida
250-6x Larry Fletcher. Newark, Delaware (Retiree)

Bolts Team G
249-19x Mike Ward. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
249-14x Tommy Wood. Port St. Joe, Florida
249-9x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
249-9x Jim Pollard, Kingsland, Texas (graybeard)

Click Clacks Team B
250-11x Steven Bressan. Phoenix, Arizona
250-10x Todd Banks. Salem, New York (Renegade)
249-10x Danny Dickey. Lovelady, Texas (Marble8)
249-5x Johnny Tokie. Shawnee,Ohio (Age 12)

Bolts Team H
249-7x Ken Henderson Parish, New York (TangoTwo)
249-7x Mark Jones. Sault Ste. Marie, MIchigan
249-7x Mike Ward. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
249-6x Bobby Mooneyham. Port St. Joe, Florida

Bolts Team I
248-11x Bobby Mooneyham. Port St. Joe, Florida
248-10x Damon Lieurance. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
248-9x Reg Richardeson. Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Canada
248-8x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)

Bolts Team J
248-8x Fred Gregg. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
248-7x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
248-4x Mike Houle. Anchorage, Alaska (Alaska Mike)
247-11x Mike Chappelear, Bassett,Virginia.(Pinball)

Bolts Team K
247-10x Tommy Wood. Port St. Joe, Florida
247-7x Lynn Mosier. Llano,Texas
247-7x Lee-Anne van Meurs. Bannockburn, Victoria.
247-5x Phil Nesmith. Hanceville, Alabama (Phil in Alabama)

Click Clacks Team C
248-7x Brian Headlee. New Richmond, Wisconsin (Tenspot)
247-5x Paul Johnson, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Knitepoet)
246-10x Brian Headlee. New Richmond, Wisconsin (Tenspot)
245-7x Noelle Tokie. Shawnee,Ohio

Bolts Team L
246-10x Ken Noye. Melbourne, Victoria.
246-7x Dan Tarpley. Alexandria, Virginia
246-6x Mike Johnson. Daphne, Alabama (Sailor)
246-3x Charley Beck. Berwick, Victoria.

Bolts Team M
246-3x Donald Buckbee. Grayling, Michigan
245-10x Fergus Bailey. Spotswood, Victoria.
245-6x Dave Samp. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
245-5x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)

Bolts Team N
244-11x Jeff Rice. Lawrence, Kansas (JoKeR)
244-9x Jim Cade. Living at the Romance rifle range - Wisconsin (Beertrucker)
243-7x Scott Hauswirth Rudyard, Michigan
243-4x Peter van Meurs. Bannockburn, Victoria.

Click Clacks Team D
245-7x Leon Weidman. Rudyard, Michigan
244-5x Leo Hedger. Barbeau, Michigan
241-7x Sam Wright. El Cajon, California
240-3x Brian Headlee. New Richmond, Wisconsin (Tenspot)

Bolts Team O
242-7x Scott Irwin. San Jose, California (Ziplock)
242-4x Larry Fletcher, Newark, Delaware (Retiree)
242-3x Glen Jackson, Ringwood, Victoria.
240-9x Mike Maffucci. Washougal Washington (cheatermk3)

Bolts Team P
240-4x Doug L'Abbee. Granby, Massachusetts
239-5x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster)
239-5x Les Hajdu. Burwood, Victoria.
239-3x Len Ziegenmeyer. Imlay City, Michigan

249-6x Deborah Ill Albuquerque, New Mexico (Ducatideb) - BSA
246-7x Dan Tarpley. Alexandria, Virginia contender
235-3x Stan Gibbs. Kingsland, Texas (Claybuster) RWS air
225-2x Paul Johnson, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (knitepoet) - contender

Bolts Team Q
239-0x Paul Johnson, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Knitepoet)
238-6x Yvonne Archuleta. ? New Mexico
238-4x Lorrie Hauswirth. Rudyard. Michigan
237-2x Deanna Jones. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Click Clacks Team E
239-1x Mark Meadows. Laurel,Mississippi [markm]
237-5x Ron Starner, Indianola, Iowa (Antlurz)
237-4x Jerry Walker, Ellisville, Misssissippi [amax155]
235 -1x Danny Dickey. Lovelady, Texas (Marble8)

Bolts Team R
236-3x Larry Shearer. Sault Ste. Marie, MIchigan
235-2x Scott Hauswirth Rudyard, Michigan
235-4x Joe Haller. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
233-2x Craig Witten. Camas Washington (17caliberfreak)

Bolts Team S
232-6x Doug L'Abbee, Granby, Massachusetts
230-4x Joe Samp. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan
230-3x Jim Finn. Eagle River, Alaska, (finnman)
230-3x Al Wackowski. Panama City, Florida

Bolts Team T
228 1x Lee Arten. Laurium, Michigan
226-2x Norris Mikolhjczyk Bellevue, Michigan
225-3x Mike Maffucci. Washougal Washington (cheatermk3)
224-2x Damon Lieurance. Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan

Click Clacks Team F
225-5x Don Scroggins. Springfield, Missouri (PC Dreams)
224-4x Jerry Walker. Ellisville, Mississippi [amax155]
223-3x Ron Starner, Indianola, Iowa (Antlurz)
219-3x Troy Rhoades. Greenwood, Arkansas (Troy R)

Bolts Team U
222-1x Jeff Rice. Lawrence, Kansas (JoKeR)
214-1x Paul Johnson, Tuscaloosa, Alabama (Knitepoet)
209-0x Craig Witten. Camas Washington (17caliberfreak)
207-0x Ethan Arten. Laurium, Michigan (Age 11)

Click Clacks Team G
218 3x Charles LeBar. North Tonawanda, New York (Rimfire Junkie)
211-0x Zilgin Lamosca. Mt. Taylor, New Mexico (zilgin)
196-3x Troy Rhoades Greenwood, Arkansas (TroyR)
192-1x Delores Lamosca, Mt. Taylor, New Mexico (DoDo)

claybuster 11-09-2003 10:31 AM

Wow, this is getting to be some pretty tough competition, This month it took a 1000 point team just to make it to 7th place.
Congratulations to everyone, especially the Ruger "A" team - that's some powerful click-clacking!

Alaska Mike 11-09-2003 02:07 PM

I have to agree with you Tenspot that the suhl's put out better scores than the cz's. God knows I sure have been trying with my cz. Out of curiosity, how much more does a suhl cost compared to a cz? Maybe they really are apples and oranges.

Antlurz 11-09-2003 02:19 PM

Wow. This is some kinda shooting....

Some of these guys are ready for Carnagie Hall, me thinks.


AL 11-10-2003 08:22 AM

Reply to Alaska Mike
Mike, a good shootin' Suhl will start at about $900 for a completely stock rifle and go up from there. I paid just under $300 for my CZ American. Is a Suhl three times better? In my opinion it sure is!! (Just the trigger alone makes worth it) Good shooting, AL

Forester 11-10-2003 09:19 AM

I agree with my buddy Al (good to meet you this weekend) that a Suhl is worth every cent you pay for it. Shooting benchrest successfully requires proper equipment as well as shooter skill. I have 3 CZs myself and all 3 are the most accurate factory sporters I've ever owned, and I've owned a bunch. But they just can't shoot the kind of scores necessary to compete at a high level in the benchrest games.

Al--it was rough down in that hole they stuck us in this weekend, huh? I've shot in a lot of windy matches, but I believe that was the worst wind I've ever shot score in. I still can't believe I won with those hideous scores, but I guess everyone elses scores were worse.

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