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MG-70 11-03-2019 01:48 PM

Question for you guys who bought the Century Arms Model 71s...
I'm a bit late to the game on these; I had no idea you could successfully remove the barrel weight on the end. After 25-30 years of buying guns imported by Century Arms, I know their grading is highly inconsistent, hence, the questions below.

I've read that some of these come with the Triple-K magazines, whereas others come with original Beretta mags, or rather, mag, since it only comes with one.

I believe that Century Arms offered their "versions" of the following conditions or grades: Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair. I'm looking to buy the best available condition I can find.

Can anyone tell me whether the Triple-K magazines are limited to a specific or specific "Grades" or conditions?

Do the Excellent and Very Good grades usually come with the Beretta magazine?

Can anyone give me an honest description of their Excellent or Very Good condition Century Arms M-71s?

Thanks for any and all helpful info.!

David Valdina 11-03-2019 02:37 PM

You might want to look at individual ones on GunBroker.com
Go to GunBroker.com and look at the Beretta Model 71 and the Model 70S. You will see photos of the ones up for auction. Probably as safe a way of getting what you want as exists on line. These are very reliable pistols. The magazines, both original and after market, seem to work well. At least that has been my experience. If you do not like the threaded barrel, some elbow grease from you, or a trip to your gunsmith, can have the end of the barrel smooth.

MG-70 11-03-2019 03:04 PM

Thanks for the info. on the aftermarket magazines working. I'm watching some listings on GB and sellers usually just post a stock photo or two, sometimes very poor ones, and list multiple units under the same listing. This practice isn't at all helpful to prospective buyers, but it's the one that takes the least effort on the part of the seller. Very few reseller-distributors take the time to make proper listings, with multiple pics, and important details, angles, bore condition, etc., of individual pieces. Everyone just wants to hit the Easy Button these days.

Thanks again!

Sub sailor 11-05-2019 08:39 PM

I bought one from J&G Sales for $250 about three years ago. Once you remove the fake suppressor the gun makes a great host for a real suppressor! I can't remember the condition that I ordered but I was happy with the gun. I have used both the Beretta mag and Tripple K mags and both work equally well. It is a great little gun and you won't be sorry if you get one.

MG-70 11-06-2019 10:23 AM

Thanks for the feedback! I hope to find one in decent condition soon. From what I've seen, they have creeped up in price a bit.

jonnyc 11-30-2019 11:09 PM

Great pistols, in just about any condition. Get one NOW, before they disappear again and you are left crying.

olafhardt 12-21-2019 05:54 AM

I love mine. I bought it from a guy on the net. It came with three mags one factory and two aftermarket. It has eaten every kind of long rifle I have tried .I never do any thing but plink. There were some longer barrels made for them but I haven't seen them.

David Valdina 12-21-2019 10:25 AM

Beretta Model 71 available...
The Beretta Model 71 is available on Gunbroker.com now, five of them and one Model 70. Prices all under $500. I am a snow bird and have two houses with guns at both places. I own two of these and think they are great guns.


Earplug80911 12-30-2019 08:30 PM

Thread Protector and more.
I have bought two. Like them enough to get one for my son.
DELTAC sells a thread protector 1/2-20. Nice little knurled over priced sleeve.
It also fits my CZ 455 threaded barrel.
Recoil springs are available on Ebay.
Only issue I have had with Triple K magazines is adjusting the follower to engage
the slide release. Follower is resin and easily shaped and sanded.
The plastic stocks are held together with two screws and a roll pin. The roll pin is a ideal place to anchor a loop for a lanyard. I used heavy braided fishing line to make a loop.
Pocket holster can be made from a Kydex sheet if you wish.

MG-70 05-19-2020 02:44 PM

Follow-up to an old post. I did manage to find a nice sample for a decent price after some searching. It took a while because I was looking for the best condition they had on these surplus pistols; Excellent or Very Good to Excellent.

It was easy to remove the muzzle weight, and the threading is downright ugly. I cleaned up the threads and will eventually cold blue them. I'm not planning on getting a thread protector; don't like the looks. I may polish the grips. I still need to pick up a new recoil spring...thanks for the heads-up on Ebay...and a spare magazine.

I have another .22 Beretta again! Maybe I'll hold onto to this one.

A very late Thanks for all the replies!!!

1984Landcruiser 06-05-2020 01:19 AM

Glad you had a happy ending! I found one recently that was made in 1961 and imported to the USA before 1968. I shot it this evening for the first time and worked smoothly, with the rounds hitting a bit low from the point of aim. I'm quite happy with mine!

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