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AJK 547 06-06-2019 12:18 PM

Post your June, 2019 25yd. 10 Bull Match Scores here... (Memorial Match - Joe Haller)
These matches are in memory of the individual who created them years ago... Joe Haller...

Joe's biography on RFC: "I am a Korean War Veteran. Came back from Korean with a spinal cord injury: (L-1). Get around in a wheelchair. Joined NBRSA in 1955 and NRA in 1956. Shoot in and help organize benchrest & NRA rifle/pistol matches. Coordinate E-Mail Matches."


Please read these rules, and then read them again. I've read them about 25 times, trying to put them together. In a sanctioned match, run by a club, the range officer and other club members running the match will explain rules to you. In this match, you may be shooting alone, or you may have to tell others the rules. You will be range officer, keeping time, target detail - putting up and retrieving targets: Scoring detail and Statistical Officer, posting the scores on RFC.

Read the rules twice. If you are old like me, with a short memory: Better read them three times.

THE RULES for the 10 SHOT MATCH (25yds.) . . . Post your score in this thread, below the rules:

1. DISTANCE: From the front edge of the bench to the face of the target: 25 yards.
2. AMMUNITION must be Rimfire: Maximum price $7.00 per box of 50. $14.00 per box of 100. We have now included Federal 711b and CCI Quiets as allowable ammunition. See the list of allowable ammo here:


Note: .17 cal rimfire may also be used but this will ammo will automatically place your rifle in the Shoot What You Have class (due to ammo. costs)

For those who want to get serious with match grade ammo, we have the 25 shot matches.

3. TARGET: We use a 10 bull version of the USBR target. The official USBR target has 25 record bulls and 3 sighter bulls.
You can download a copy of the 10 bull target here. Your choice: Green or Black. The 2 sighter bulls are important for checking wind changes. Use them.

Black Target:


Green Target:


4. TIME: A maximum of 15 minutes is allowed to fire sighter shots and one shot at each of the 10 record bulls. No limit on the number of sighter shots.
5. SCORING: You score your own targets, or have someone score for you. These matches are run on the honor system.
Look here at the graphics that show how to score the USBR target:


If you don't have a scoring plug, get one. The scoring plug will make scoring the target not only easier, but will usually get you a couple of extra points!

6) Three Classifications: Rookie, Marksman and Expert...
Everyone starts out as a Rookie classification and works their way up the 'ladder' based on posted scores for record. Once you have achieved Marksman or Expert Classification you will not lose that classification.


'Rookie' - can shoot 'unlimited' practice 10 Bull targets per month, shoot four (4) official scoring targets and post one (1) for record for the month.

'Marksman' can shoot a maximum of 10 practice 10 Bull targets per month, shoot two (2) official scoring targets and post one (1) for record for the month.

'Expert' can shoot a maximum of 4 practice 10 Bull targets per month, shoot one (1) official scoring target and post one (1) for record for the month.

Required scores:

Rookie - (0-0X to 96-9X) qualification.

Marksman - (97-0X to 99-9X) qualification with three aggregate scores to qualify.

Expert - (100-0X to 100-10X) qualification with three aggregate scores to qualify.

Simply, this setup allows true 'Rookie' marksmen to have as much bench time as they want/need and puts them under pressure to improve their marksmanship skills to a significant degree.

Once the Rookie has submitted three (3) qualifying scores representative of the above scoring classifications he will have earned his Marksman or Expert classification respectively. Qualifying scores do not have to be posted in consecutive months.

Official Attempts for score should be declared prior to shooting. Rookies get four (4), Marksmen get two (2), Experts get one (1).

Qualifications must be earned in each rifle class. Qualifying Expert in Shoot What You Have (SWYH (see Rule 7)) will not qualify you as Expert in Light or Heavy rifle classes. A person could be classified Expert in Light in the Marksman and Heavy class, and Rookie in SWYH, all at the same time.

A match competitor can only post one (1) score per month for a given Rifle Classification, (see Rule 7), but can use any .22 LR rifle in his collection. . This will keep the administration of these matches to a managable level. Hold on to your Official attempts until you are done shooting them. Then post your best effort.

Note: additional practice for the Marksman and Expert classes will be allowed by using targets that are not the USBR 10 Bull. Any other suitable target the marksman wishes to use is acceptable. We rely on the 'honor system'. If we all follow the rules our marksmanship skills and enjoyment of the sport will grow accordingly.

7. Three Rifle Classes:

Light Rifle - Factory
A. Rifle: The value of the rifle shall not exceed $500 and shall be limited to 8½ pounds in weight (according to the Blue Book of Gun Values) not including sights or scope attached. No barrel or stock modifications except the barrel may be re-crowned. Ammunition must fall under Rule 2.

Heavy Rifle - Factory
A. Rifle shall have no weight limits or value limits but the stock and barrel must be of original factory design, material, and length. Ammunition must fall under Rule 2.

Shoot What You Have (SWYH)
A. Firearm must be a rimfire rifle. Stock and barrel restrictions do not apply. There shall be no limitation on the ammunition, scope power, or rest used. 1-piece mechanical rests are allowed in the SWYH class.

8. TRIGGERS may be adjusted to a light pull, but must be safe. Custom trigger springs and parts are allowed.
9. SCOPES: Limited to not more than 9 power for the 25yd Matches for the Light Rifle and Heavy Rifle classes. Variables may be used. Just set them at 9 power. No limit on the cost of the scope. There is no scope limit power for the 'Shoot What You Have' class. This rule puts a premium on markmanship skills for the Light and Heavy Rifle Classes.
10. RESTS: Two piece sandbag rests, front and rear are allowed. Slide the rifle forward and back for elevation. Move the rear bag for windage. Squeeze the rear bag for fine elevation adjustments. A bipod may be attached to the rifle. It will not be included in the 8.5 lb. weight limit. Again, no one-piece mechanical rests are allowed for the Light Rifle and Heavy Rifle classes.

In the Shoot What You Have class, it is allowable to use 1-piece mechanical rests if desired.

11. WINTER: You may shoot on an indoor range from December to March. If you shoot indoors, type (INDOORS) at the beginning of the third line of your score report.
12. JUNIOR SHOOTERS: The minimum age of a young person allowed in these competitions will be determined by the parent. A Junior shooter is a young persons who has not reached the age of 18. If your are a Junior: Type (Age ___) at the end of the first line of your score report.
13. SCREEN NAME: If you have one, put it at the end of the first line: (RedNeck)
14. EQUIPMENT & TARGET REPORT: If you can post graphics, give us a picture of your target. Weather reports and excuses, make for interesting reading for others. Put them in your report.
15. THE GOOD, THE BAD, and the UGLY Thread: To allow for more shooting and learning, each month we will have a thread dedicated to “The good, the bad, and the ugly”. Go here to post your best and worst efforts. Post any targets you did not post as an official score submission. This thread exists so you can pound on your chest about that 96-9x you shot at a “practice” target. But please include the details about the flier that kept it from being a 100-10x. Or just post the worst of your efforts maybe someone can help analyze what went wrong and help you improve.


If you don't have a rifle that fits these rules: Shot What You Have.

Later, when we see how these rules work, in the real world, we can think about things that will work better, or attract more shooters to the match.


Format Example:

96-1x Bill Holladay. Cody, Wyoming. (Age 12) (Rookie)
CZ 452 American. Light Rifle Class, Bushnell 4-12 set at 9X. Winchester T-22
Brooks trigger kit. Free floated barrel. No glass bedding.
Misty rain. Shot under a covered firing line. Dad changed targets.

Picture of target. (if you know how to post one)


Another Example:

99-1x Dan Duman. Buffalo, New York (Water Fall) (Marksman)
Win. 52C, Heavy Rifle, Tasco 6-24X set at 9X. CCI Standard.
(BOX STOCK) Front rest was a cement block with a folded up hunting shirt on top.
Rear rest was a shot bag full of sand.
Excuse: First time I ever shot in a match like this.

Picture of target. (if you know how to post one)


Yet Another Example:
100-10X Annie Oakley, Drake Co. Ohio (Expert)
Rem. 40XR BR KS, "Shoot What You Have", Leupold 36X Benchrest (Fixed), ELEY 10X
Custom Rig. with Shilen bbl, tuner, and all the "Bells and Whistles".
Custom 1-piece Mechanical Rest
Excuse: Never needed to give one !

Picture of target.


AJK 547 06-06-2019 12:19 PM




Wind Effect:

"100-10X Club" :

25yd. Vintage USBR 10 Bull:




25yd. SWYH USBR 10 Bull :

XRINGS (Ralph Jamison) 6-16






Below are the RFC Marksmen who have qualified for awards for May, 2019. These qualification awards are in accordance with what was defined at the beginning of 2012 10 Bull Matches...

The interest and enjoyment that the 25yd. and 50yd. USBR 10 Bull matches have generated has been both fun and rewarding to watch... Not only is the competition very keen, but the true spirit of friendship is expressed time and again through this wonderful sport of ours....

Based on my records, the following RFC USBR 10 Bull Match participants have earned the following awards for , May, 2019:

25yd. Vintage USBR 10 Bull:

Light Rifle Class:






Heavy Rifle Class:






Shoot What You Have (SWYH) Rifle Class:

25yd. SWYH USBR 10 Bull:


Hawkeye57 11-17



Earned Marksmanship awards, (highest awarded to each marksman):

RFC 10 Bull USBR Benchrest Scope Matches - 25yds.

Light Rifle - Factory

Marksman - (97-0X to 99-9X)

Artrepro 8-13
Jonnybegood 4-14
Ajax131 (Carter Stack) 4-16
Tomcat21 (Ted Kuhn) 4-16

Expert - (100-0X to 100-10X)

Boerboel (Raymond S.) 4-16
Cow54 (Stan) 5-17

Heavy Rifle - Factory

Marksman - (97-0X to 99-9X)
Patriotpappy 5-15
Windex 4-15

Expert - (100-0X to 100-10X)
Chiwa 1-14
Patriotpappy 3-16

Shoot What You Have (SWYH)

Marksman - (97-0X to 99-9X)
Chiwa 10-13
Bill40718 12-13
AJK 547 12-13
Tigeranddragon 4-14
Patriotpappy 8-15
prplbkrr 12-15
Boerboel 1-16
WLD1956 1-16 (Iron Sights)
Tomcat21 (Ted Kuhn) 6-16
Tillmas 1-17
Hawkeye57 11-17

Expert - (100-0X to 100-10X)
chuck40219 4-13
Chiwa 1-14
Bill40718 1-14
Tigeranddragon 5-14
AJK 547 6-14
Vertfish 5-15
Mac-man 6-15
WLD1956 12-15
Patriotpappy 12-15
Boerboel (Raymond S.) 3-16
briandh (Briandh) 6-16

Art (AJK 547) / Chuck (chuck40219)

AJK 547 06-06-2019 12:19 PM

Scores for June:

Mac-man 06-14-2019 08:15 AM

100-7x (SWYH) Phil Hansen, Port St. Lucie, FL
Anschütz Super Match 54
Leupold 45X Scope
RWS R-50
Randolph Mk. ll front & Stoney Point rear bag rest
Limbsaver Barrel Deresonator See post https://www.rimfirecentral.com/forum....php?t=1163699
Excuses: None.
Sunny 92°F, Calm
Martin County Sportsmen's Range, Stuart, FL


Gabby-Bill 06-21-2019 07:28 PM

newbe question
Hey there,
I'm a long time member on RFC, but recently got a CZ 455 22LR Regular, and mounted my Sweet 22 3-9 scope on it. and a bi-pod. :t
Who do I report my scores to? Obviously I'll start as a rookie.
I have targets provided by David V. widely known here. and others from the net provided by RFC in PDF form. I can print them as needed. I'm not sure which target you are using for 50yard same as for 25yard?

Computerbob 06-26-2019 02:14 PM

98-5x Robert Hoag Morgantown, WV
Anschutz 54 Match, Shoot What You Have, Sightron 32x, Eley Rifle match
Wind fairly clam but switches https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/201...d1ead5c4c3.jpg

Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk

Gabby-Bill 07-05-2019 08:12 AM

I will just as soon as I can!

David Valdina 07-05-2019 09:34 AM

Hi Bill, I think I have the targets, will send some.
Hi Bill,

Look at the first post here, it will show a picture of the USBR target and how to score it. I think I have some here. I know I have some in Florida. I will send you some. Do you have a scoring plug ? I can get you one of those also.

Gabby-Bill 07-05-2019 05:47 PM

Hi David I got and replied to your email, :D

chuck40219 11-01-2019 12:05 PM

match scores
Good day Ladies & Gents

My name is Chuck and I used to help Art with the scores for some of the matches here. Art has disappeared, I have not been able to find him.
I would like to keep up the scores for 3 of the matches Art took care of.

10 Bull Benchrest Scope Sight Rookie matches - 25 & 50 yd
Benchrest 50 yd. Iron Sight Matches with NRA A-23/5 target

That is if the rest of you guys that actually shoot these matches agree.

Will take a few days before I can work on this, so we have a couple of days for



Mac-man 11-04-2019 05:34 AM


I would appreciate your interest in keeping these matches active. Because of my aging eyesight I have progressed to scope only shooting and don't post too frequently but I do read all of the postings. Unfortunately it doesn't look like you're getting too much response to your volunteering.

Thanks for you effort, Phil

David Valdina 11-04-2019 07:30 AM

50 Yard iron sight benchrest matches.
50 Yard Vintage and Unlimited Iron Sight Matches
I think the old records got deleted, but here is some info about past performances. Note, 1st post is dated 8-26-18 but records reported go back to 2012. So all of the old posts are gone.

I am currently the moderator on an airgun match site, and participation has tapered off. My suggestion is to post summaries when there has been enough posts to justify doing so. Rather than monthly, perhaps quarterly. I still shoot these, but not as often as I used to do. And we should do away with the restriction as to how many postings per rifle per month are allowed.

One more thought. For Phil and others now restricted to using a scope, the offhand airgun matches have demonstrated that the scores seem about the same between iron sights and scopes. I do not expect that uniformity with shooting off of a bench, but we could include scope use as it's own category to get participation up. The very best shooters with the best rifles, ammo and wind flags will get perfect scores every time. But for the rest of us, it can be educational when the target you shoot with a scope ends up being about the same as when you used iron sights. No wind flags, a gust of wind, a bad cartridge, a lapse of concentration etc.

Might give it a try sometimes, looking forward to postings. David

Mac-man 11-04-2019 12:06 PM


I'd try the airgun but I'm afraid I'd put my eye out. :-)


chuck40219 11-06-2019 08:48 PM

Match scores
Have not forgotten about this. Found myself with lots of thing going on just before deer season. As soon as it starts and I return home early on some days will get started getting things together.


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