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STRUGL4X'SC 04-19-2021 03:45 PM

Why didn't you guys tell me about these? Just got it home today, shot it right when I got home. Shot fair, but not zeroed, and the magazine wouldn't feed. Had a hairline crack in the thin wood near the Schnabel tip Drifted the front sight, and removed the stock. Glued the crack,and banded for curing.While the glue was setting I studied how the magazine latched in place, and straightened the back guide. An hour or so later I reassembled, now the magazine latched snugly in place. Couldn't stand not testing it any longer, so back out I went. Loaded up the magazine and it fed right in, shot three and made another sight adjustment. Loaded again, and fired two at my chicken silhouettes, smack, smack. Fired the remaining three at the paper target, but couldn't see where they hit. went out and couldn't believe my eyes!https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/202...e3427151be.jpg

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jnyork 04-19-2021 05:17 PM

These geezerly old Savages are really a lot better than they look, they made real barrels back then. You can pick up a good shooting old plinker at a gun show for a song sometimes, as long as the bore is good you're golden.

I have a 23D, .22 Hornet, the terror of the prairie dog towns. Shoots right alongside my CZ 527 , hard to tell which is my favorite.

CDSteding 04-22-2021 05:35 PM

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Here's the 23As older brother, Model -19 NRA. The Lyman 48 Y will fit on your rifle also.

NHcollector2 04-25-2021 09:08 PM

They are excellent rifles! Very good looking too. I have two 23As and a 23C, with is the 32-20 version. Savage used good walnut on them and styled them after their Model 1899/99, very sleek. They have good triggers too.

Kragman 05-02-2021 02:08 PM

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I found mine in a pawn shop for $80. Its a 23 AA and I'm told its one of the transition guns between the A & AA.
Blueing looks better in the pic than in real life, wood looks better in real life. Haven't shot it a lot but it shoots at least as well as yours, and thats saying something. Love mine.
Someday I might just pony up and send it for a very professional restoration. Turnbull or similar.

CDSteding 05-03-2021 12:11 PM

WOW, great looking wood. Try and find as nice today, no such luck.

kaynine 05-03-2021 12:24 PM


If your rifle was mine, I'd leave it alone based on your photos and statement "Blueing looks better in the pic than in real life, wood looks better in real life".

It's a beautiful and accurate rifle with a bit of history. Nothing wrong with that IMHO.

Kragman 05-03-2021 06:53 PM


I really would like the blueing done, and there are a couple of faint marks on the wood that would disappear easily. But boy does it shoot well. It outshoots my BRNO Model 1, at least so far.
Truly worth an investment to restore. Within reason of course.
And I would like to make up a brass quarter rib for mounting a scope then set it up with something like an old Unertl Hawk. Even a Balfor, etc. As good as I can get and stay vintage.

azshot 05-03-2021 09:59 PM

Leave the finish on a 100 year old rifle as is.

STRUGL4X'SC 05-03-2021 11:40 PM

Super nice looking rifle, I think I am going to put a marbles tang sight on, the kind that mounts to the grip, and follows the comb nose.

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Kragman 05-04-2021 08:06 AM

I know azshot, and I'm a bit of a purist so I really don't like to mess around with any significant guns. To me, this is more than just another old timer.

But the thin blueing around the action quickly gives way to worn mottled grey as it advances towards the muzzle. That doesn't show in the picture. And for some reason the remaining blue looks much stronger in photos.
If the finish were more or less even I would treat it as hands off, but the way it is now has me torn.
I've even had thoughts of going "all in" and adding embellishments like case coloring the buttplate and/or bottom metal. And once I swing all the way to that side of my internal argument, I inevitably swing back to just leaving it alone.

I do need to mount a scope without modifying the gun though. I just can't see the (German silver?) front sight blade. I shot better groups when I carefully shot blind from a bag rest than if I try to use the sighs So long as I didn't noticeably disturb the rifle while working the action and firing it.

I hope more of these rifles find good homes. They aren't just excellent sporters, they are a real piece of sporting history IMO and the one piece design is both unique and intriguing.

STRUGL4X'SC 05-16-2021 11:28 AM

Okay, I found a sight for my 23A, it is a little different than most, any tips before I drill holes in my stock?https://uploads.tapatalk-cdn.com/202...9d2450b703.jpg

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STRUGL4X'SC 05-16-2021 05:01 PM

Too late, I mounted it. A true 32" sight radius, and now I can see to align them. Had to make a shim from my breakfast box to get the staff straight up.

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MrG52D 05-16-2021 07:21 PM

The whole 23 line up were great rifles, it took awhile, but I finally gathered them all. 23A 23AA both .22, 23B 25-20, 23C 32-20 and 23D 22 Hornet.

This is my 23AA appeared to be unused when I received it.


STRUGL4X'SC 05-16-2021 08:00 PM

Wow, that is beautiful.

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