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ganderman 09-27-2018 08:11 PM

Package worth?
A gentleman at our club has this for sale and Iím unsure of its value. Thoughts?


TOMBECK 09-28-2018 06:58 AM

Ballpark $710 - $875. E. Hartford and box - negatives. Apparent condition, extra bbl and parts a plus.

Thanks for point error ganderman.

ganderman 09-28-2018 07:16 AM


Originally Posted by TOMBECK (Post 11178125)
Ballpark $675 - $825. E. Hartford and no box - negatives. Apparent condition, extra bbl and parts a plus.

Is that white box not the original box? I saw it for sale on the wall at our club and had always wanted one so I looked it up and saw that the earlier ones were the most desirable ones. Wasnít sure if the Hartford built ones were as bad as the article said.

Thanks for the reply.

LDBennett 09-29-2018 06:59 AM

The biggest complaint about the differences between Hamden, Connecticut, made guns and East Hartford, Connecticut, made guns is the deepness (polish) of the blue job. But that was not an instant reduction in finish. It went on before the move and was evolutionary and not instantaneous.

For shooters there is little difference between the guns from the two different cities. Only collectors care. The rest of the fit and finish on the East Hartford guns is excellent as is the accuracy. Moving the company home did not change the guns.

But there is one series of guns from the East Hartford location that can be a lesser gun. It is the SH series guns with the screw takedown (rather than a button or lever to remove the barrel). That change was done for economical reasons. The SH series guns were sold during the dying days of the Connecticut firm. The finish was further compromised in the SH guns, at least in the couple I have seen (??). **** The Connecticut doors were closed on that SH model in the later 1980's. When Hi Std reappeared in the 1990's under new management in Houston Texas (really a new company with new management and new ownership with the name dully bought and paid for after the Connecticut closing) the gun was redesigned (using original engineering drawings as a reference) to match more modern manufacturing practices. The outside looked the same and parts interchange with earlier gun and they do shoot as well as the Connecticut guns. Collectors avoid them for the most part and they will only pay a premium for the Hamden guns For anyone who wants to feel the precision of the Hi Std trigger and have the accuracy of any Hi Std gun, the East Hartford guns are the bargain (and the very last of the Houston Texas High Standard Company guns with the stainless steel frame).

In my experience the earlier quoted pricing is what I have seen at gun shows. The Hamden guns get a higher price. Price is heavily dependent on condition. Only nearly pristine guns get the higher pricing. Condition is king.


**** The exception was the 10-X hand assembled guns for bullseye shooters. They were limited production guns, hand assembled from the best of the best parts. Only the most accurate (by firing test) barrels were used. There were only three or four highly skilled gunsmiths that assembled these special guns. They are highly sought after and often counterfeited.

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