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Pelt1962 06-26-2020 06:05 PM

Kimber mod 82
Ok so I am very new here but have two Kimber mod 82’s from the early 80’s thanks to Dad. He’s gone now but before he passed in 2015 he told me to hold onto these two rifles. I can’t seem to learn much about them for obvious reason owing to the company’s bad times early on. The .22 long rifle is deadly accurate and a joy to shoot. I have one major issue with this rifle. The dang bolt comes out even though finger is not on the trigger during the heat of the battle with nocturnal flying squirrels on the bird feeder. Anyone else experienced this issue? Also I am trying to figure out how early this rifle was built in Kimber’s production. The serial number of the rifle is “1684”

Next question is my other Kimber mod 82 is a .22 Hornet. I thought the centerfire rifles were higher models 84 or 86? This rifle shoots very well but has extractor issues. It’s serial number is H616. I have already the historical background post on Kimber with respect to mod 82a, c, etc....
Also what does “TIPS” mean in the description of a Kimber. Thanks, Pelt1962

HUSHKABOOM 06-27-2020 10:15 PM

Parts of your post are messed up so hard to tell what is being said. Does your rifle have a bolt release button on the left rear of action? If not the sear acts as the bolt stop. So your trigger may have been adjusted for a lighter crisper pull. Study info on sear engagement and try adjusting for more engagement. This may help prevent bolt from coming out. The model 82 was chambered for several of the older small centerfire cartridges. Hornet like yours and I think 25-20 and 218 Bee? Not many of those odd calibers were made.

SageRat22 06-28-2020 09:40 AM

I'm with Hush, you need to go back and clean up your post up so we can read it easier. If your rifle is an early A, pre-bolt stop, it's likely the trigger pull has been set too light. While not an absolute, triggers set lighter than 2 pounds sometimes let the bolt slide all the way out when cycling.
Take the metal out of the stock and you will see two screws on the front of the trigger housing. Release the lock screw on the side of those screws and then turn the top one in 1/2 turn at a time until the increased tension on the sear keeps the bolt from coming out.

dbr65 06-28-2020 01:59 PM

I've seen this before and it's very annoying to try reading with those marks and I have no idea how/why it happens, but the ’ replaces the apostrophe, and the “ and replace the quotes.

And, Pelt, yes, Kimber made a Model 82 in .22 Hornet. I had one years ago.


cl_leg 07-01-2020 02:09 PM

his keyboard settings are in a different language

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