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Dahsira 09-20-2019 04:43 PM

B22 Butt Pad Options
My new b22 arrived today and I'm super happy with it this far. Got it cleaned up and set up ready for its first trip to the range tomorrow with one exception.

I had a Morgan Adjustable Recoil Pad on my Mark II and I absolutely love it... However the butt plate of the b22 stock isn't just the flat end.... It goes about an inch into the stock and has a V shape.

Do I have any aftermarket options to put between the Morgan pad and the actual stock to properly fill that gap or am I forced to grind down the factory butt pad to give me a flat surface to screw the Morgan pad into?

Don't mind spending a couple bucks to avoid being destructive to the factory part just so I can easily put it back if I choose to sell it

Thanks in advance!

gunner1976 09-22-2019 10:11 AM

I dont' know what would be a good option, maybe make a mold and fill it up with some type of resin to even things out.. The stocks on these B series guns are about as bad a design as you can get. The comb is too low for scope use and the way they are made there is really no easy way to modify them. I guess you can't expect much for a gun that costs a little over $200.

Dahsira 09-23-2019 12:07 AM

Yeah it kinda threw me through a loop. It "looks" like accustock LOP inserts will work as spacers... But I still wanted the Morgan's. I ended up taking out the saw and cutting off the last 1/2" of the butt in order to "make" an insert for the Morgan's to screw to. Actually worked really good to be honest. Not idea to be taking a saw to a brand new rifle though that's for sure

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