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stevenjay1 08-07-2019 03:21 PM

New Suhl BSW Model 315 .22
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I have several weaknesses in life, red headed women with long legs (I married one), Classic Indian Motorcycles (I don't have one) and unusual .22 rifles ( just got one). Here is the auction description and some pictures. I can chamber 6mm BB Caps (Flobert) and they fire but I do believe the rifle is chambered for the .22 CB cap as well. Need to find some. The rifle is in really great shape and looks very well made. The water damage on the butt stock is repairable. I have search the web but there is very little information about this gun. From what I can find it was made in the mid 1930's. I would appreciate any additional information anyone has. Thanks, Steve

BSW Suhl Model 315, .22 Flobert cal. bolt action single shot rifle, mfg Germany. Good condition. 24 barrel has excellent bore, fixed sights. Barrel and receiver have 85% blue with some fine corrosion. Stock has very good original finish and checkering with some water damage ahead of butt plate. Butt plate and stock have a small chunk missing at toe. Beautiful vintage leather carry strap in unique QD swivels.

1984Landcruiser 09-16-2019 08:01 PM

Nice find! I share your interest in odd .22 rifles. I also have a BSW Model 315. Mine had the original buttplate replaced with a metal one but is in good shape otherwise. These were made after 1936 when the Germans took over the Simson factory and set up the BSW company to continue production.

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stevenjay1 09-23-2019 09:48 AM

1984Landcruiser, Thanks for the info. This is a cute little rifle and it is chambered in .22BB Cap. I have about 25 rounds that I picked up at least 40+ years ago. At 10 yards the gun is very accurate but real hard to load with the tiny cartridges and my BIG FAT fingers. I have figured out how to made the ammo by pulling the bullet on a .22 long rifle, dumping the powder and carefully cutting the case back to the proper length and using a .220 lead ball. It works so when I run out of the original RWS .22BB caps I can continue to shoot the rifle. The RWS .22BB Caps are still available but run from $45 to $75 Plus shipping for 150 rounds. Thanks Again for the info, Steve

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