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truckjohn 05-06-2019 07:54 PM

Reworking factory barrels to make it shoot
Hey Super Stock Bolt Action guys.

I read a bunch of posts by Sawdust, Squasatch, and Nemo Hunter several years ago about reworking old factory bolt action Marlin and Savage barrels to make them shoot. The general idea was recrowning and setting back and re-chambering their factory barrels with a match chamber would often yield Super Stock accuracy....

But.... Then it kinda disappeared and I haven't heard it mentioned in a few years except occasionally in passing... Is that because works better in theory than in practice if you know what I mean. ;)

I have looked through the scores from many of the Super Stock Bolt games - and there are hardly any old Marlins or Savage/Stevens bolts or cheap single shot Remingtons. Almost every game is dominated by CZ's, then Savage MkII's, then Anschutz, then a smattering of everything else.... Then maybe you see the 1 Marlin show up occasionally. I can't say I remember seeing an old cheap Savage/Stevens like a 4 or an 84 even on the list.

So... Spill the beans guys. Tell me the truth.

Did it actually work
It's too much work and $$$$ and you end up with a gun that really doesn't shoot any better....

So say for example... In reality... Say I pick up 1950's non-microgroove Marlin 122 single shot bolt action or an old beater Savage Stevens 84c or a beat up Remington 514.... Is it worth knocking the barrel out, having it set back, rechambering it with a match reamer, and recrowning it? Would it be likely to shoot inside 1/2" at 50 yards in real life?

NWFRS 05-06-2019 08:29 PM

Worth it?

That's a personal thing. If that's what you want, and you have the time and money to make that your hobby, go for it. Rimfires are so fussy though. I'd hate to spend hundreds and then see it perform worse than a box-stock CZ.

If you do decide to pick up a rifle and it won't shoot right with any ammo, try running a brass plumb-bob into the muzzle with a drill-motor first. It's supposed to be one of the first, and least invasive changes to tweaking accuracy. That's assuming everything else is already squared-away obviously.

I don't mean to sound like captain obvious-I just think it sounds like a neat project, but I'd do a lot of bubba tweaks before I paid for machine time.

truckjohn 05-06-2019 09:04 PM

Ok... TLDR:
Did setting back the barrel and re-cutting a new match chamber + a recrown job yield a rifle that would shoot Super Stock quality groups (1/2" at 50 yards) in real life on the old Marlins and Savages?

GTS225 05-07-2019 07:48 AM

It didn't "disappear". It just fell off the front page.



truckjohn 05-07-2019 10:19 AM

Any idea on what sort of groups before / after the work?

truckjohn 05-09-2019 01:24 PM

So by the general lack of response.... I am guessing either people don't do it or it's not really worth it unless the rifle has a damaged chamber.

The glaring example is the 77/22 - which often see giant improvement because many of them start off as horrible shooting pigs (mine did).

I also see the other side... How much "improvement" can you expect out of a factory rifle if it will shoot 1/2 moa stock? I wouldn't fool with the barrel at all if I had one that shot that sort of groups...

For example - my Marlin Model 60 made the Sawdust 1/4" club in Superstock here bone stock - zero modifications. Am I going to fool with the barrel? Nope! Not one bit.


Al the Infidel 05-09-2019 08:33 PM


Originally Posted by truckjohn (Post 11474609)
For example - my Marlin Model 60 made the Sawdust 1/4" club in Superstock here bone stock - zero modifications. Am I going to fool with the barrel? Nope! Not one bit.


Oh c'mon, live a little. :D:D

Clem-E 05-10-2019 10:38 AM

i think that a lot of the rifles that are shot in SS/B are the type that at the point you get to that would necessitate reworking a barrel, its about the same price to replace it.

truckjohn 05-13-2019 03:19 PM

Probably moreso with the guns I am talking about here... A $70.00 pawn shop special is going to cost significantly more to do any sort of repair than it's worth. But - if it's a fun project - maybe it's worth it for the fun of it...

If I have to buy a match barrel - that starts getting into $$$ that will never be recovered. Let's face it - A single shot Marlin 22 with a Lilja barrel is probably only "worth" close to the value of Marlin single shot 22 with it's original barrel. It's not like it will bring $600 with a Lilja barrel.

Now... If I was really feeling cranky - I would find a junker Winchester 67 with a good looking barrel, saw the "receiver" end off the barrel, set back and ream a new chamber and then mount it on the Marlin single shot receiver and stock.... Confuse everybody. ;) ;).

1FJEF 06-10-2019 07:13 AM

Do you think contacting someone like CPC would be worth it?? He does 77/22 & 10/22 setbacks & recrowns routinely.

truckjohn 06-10-2019 09:10 AM

I called Randy and he said he doesn't work on Marlin bolt actions or I would go ahead and ship it to him.

I don't see any of our sponsors who talk about working on these. I seem to remember Que and Nemohunter talking about working on Marlins back in the days - but they haven't been here in a while.

It's interesting that setting back and rechambering is an assumed slam dunk with Rugers... Why not with anybody else? Many other makers use the sloppy/roomy "sporting" chamber. I bet nobody does it on other cheap factory makes because the barrels are pressed and pinned. With Ruger 10/22's and the older 77/22's it's easy to bolt on/bolt off the barrel....

Then with Savages and Marlins - you have the barrel hold down dovetail underneath - gotta do something with that one way or another. Sawdust and Squasach just apparently moved the hole in the stock back.....

But - I would really like to find somebody who already has this worked out like folks have for the Rugers.

gcrank1 06-10-2019 09:40 AM

You pull the barrel off whatchagot, cut off the chamber at the 'throat', turn it square, turn shank to fit the action, rechamber with the reamer of choice, recut the extractor groove and whatever else and reinstall setting up the barrel mounting.
How much of it can you do yourself, or a buddy with a lathe?
Rent a reamer? Lots to choose from, a study in itself. Just buying one will set you back before you even get to setting the barrel back. And doing the chamber correctly is the make or break of the project.
By the time you do three you may be getting pretty good at it, then Murphy walks in the door and messes you up.....

1FJEF 06-10-2019 10:03 AM

There's got to be somebody doing it in the US. I wonder if you could start contacting rimfire gunsmiths, even if it's just trigger guys or stock guys & see if they know of anyone. Should be $120ish with a setback & recrown. You could even try the two Champions, Champions Choice & Champions Shooters Supply, I'd be pretty surprised if someone working there didn't know of a source.

noisy2 06-23-2019 01:54 PM

barrel massage
have a coupla 144lsa that shot close to same took one cut barrel to 21 flat crown faced end of receiver set chamber back to where bullitt rings are pushed into rifling glassed a bracket into stock that ties the receiver to stock from one of the peep sight bolt holes floated barrel groups somewhat better than stocker must have got lucky worked for me all in all should have done one thing at a time so would know what done what

truckjohn 06-23-2019 02:21 PM


Were the groups after the work good enough that you will do it on the other one... Or
More like "It was a good exercise but no, not worth the trouble to repeat it...."

For example... One of my Marlins is driving me nuts... I was shooting Federal Auto Match and chasing the scope literally all over creation. Couple really tight shots - then the next round was 4 or 6" out of the group at 50 yards... It would scatter a few out in nowhere land completely off the paper and then the next few would come back in like the scope was shot loose internally... Luckily for me, I have 3 more bricks of this trash in the stash...

I finally gave up and shot some Wolf... 3 shots and the scope was zeroed.. Groups settled down and it printed a couple 1/2" groups in a row at 50 yards before I had to pack up for the day.... It shoots well with SK, Wolf, and Eley... Pretty decent with CCI.

Now - would a better chamber settle everything down across the board? I would have it set back and rechambered in a second if it would... BUT.. If it still shot about like it does or just slightly better - it's just not worth it.

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