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bocash3 05-10-2021 02:24 PM

Not Rimfire........ 600 or 788

Picked up a really clean 98% Rem. Model 600 in .222 yesterday.

Negotiations involved removing the old Weaver fixed power 4x I did not want to get a lesser price.

BUT............I bought this seeing that the rear sight was missing, gambling that I can find one.

There are other scoped .222 rifles on hand, so I want this one scope-less with original sights.

QUESTION: is the rear sight assembly for a model 600 the same as a model 788?

Question # 2: I've looked at sources and failed to find "just" a rear sight assembly. One source had both front and rear and a price to go with it.
Anyone have a rear sight for this one so it can be completed?

THANKS so much in advance, Bo in western NC

scatterbrain 05-13-2021 11:16 AM

Answer #1. No, they aren't the same.
Answer #2. The 600 Remington came with a nylon rib and the sights were mounted on that, the 788 is standard sights mounted on barrel. Like a fool, I removed my rib and gave it away, using a V-7 Weaver. Many a deer and a few bears were taken with the 18" barrel woods rifle. I still have the gun, wish I had the rib and sights.

If your gun doesn't have little sleeves silver solder to the barrel you can not remount a rib if you could find one. Sights mounted on the barrel would be extremely high to clear the receiver.

j.r. guerra in s. texas 05-14-2021 02:53 AM

Scatterbrained made a great point - is your Remington the original 600, the 660 or the Mohawk 600. The ribbed barrel sights have the front sight 'shark fin' profile while the rear sight attaches to a flat rib base, The latter 600s have a round profiled rear sight base.

A picture would be most helpful here. :)

Editted - forgot to add : I think a field rifle with iron sights is a good idea. The 600 is a light carbine, meant to be carried in woods so having such would be a good companion. Good pick.

bocash3 05-14-2021 11:51 AM

Scatter and J. R.


I love learning and whereas I am sort of an expert about Smith revolvers, I depend on others for older Winchesters and sometimes Remingtons.

You information on both counts is good for me to learn.

Yes........... will leave open sights for field use. I have 4 other .222 that are scoped. I love the short barrel and smooth action, not crazy about the plastic parts, but it is what it is.

GOOD NEWS: the seller FOUND the original sight assembly in a box and sent it to me immediately from 100 miles away. INSTALLED and ready to sight in on sand bags at my cabin range next week. NEEDS REPLACING: the Windage Screw. The hex hole is stripped. I CAN get it out and have ordered a new replacement from Numrich.

So all is good. Am tickled with this little rifle in my favorite high power .22 caliber.

OH....................and it is an original 600 model with fairly low serial number...........of course real walnut stock and pretty straight grain wood.

Am now looking at that seller's Mohawk in 6mm. I've loaded for .243 since 1970. I do NOT have 6mm dies or brass so this could be a challenge that might make me decline that one.

Y'all take care, Bo

huntsman22 05-14-2021 01:49 PM


Originally Posted by bocash3 (Post 12316445)
, not crazy about the plastic parts,

get a bottom metal from Willy Manning at (CVMW Coquille Valley Machine Works) Toss the plastic crap in the trash....

bocash3 05-14-2021 09:02 PM

THANKS, Huntsman..............will check that out and consider.

That same seller of the 600 in .222 had a mate sitting next to it in 6mm.
I have 1,000's of .243 bullets, 10's of thousands of Large RPrimers, and 25 pounds of suitable powder. Pondering that Rem 600 in 6mm at last week's Asheville show. That one is going no where
until next Ashv. show in July.

The problems are: 1. I have no source for brass and 2: no dies.

So.....today I set up at the Hickory Gun Show and met an old man sitting by his 5 tables loaded with Old Stuff.

This afternoon, I found 100 rounds of 6mm, Browning brand. Same guy has like new older
set of 6mm RCBS dies. Here are the problems:: 1. I don't have the gun and still unsure that I should............. 2. The Browning
ammo was marked $50 a box "because collectors look for Browning ammo." OK, I get it. The old man and I talked a long
time about everything from jobs, to Biden to this country headed toward another Revolutionary War. At the end, he said
he would make me a package deal on the 100 rounds of 6mm and dies on Sunday if still there. I still would have a really hard
time paying more than $20 to $25 a box (20 in each). This may break me from buying that cute Rem 6mm. I certainly don't "need" it.

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