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guns&motorcycles 01-24-2008 02:26 PM

Buck Mark Starter Thread
[Note: If anyone has a thread or topic that would be useful to add, post here or PM me. I'd like to make this as inclusive as possible.]

Welcome! You are on a great forum with a lot of very smart people who help us all get the most enjoyment out of our Buck Marks.

As a somewhat of a newbie myself, I wanted to put a thread together with many of the quesitons that I had when I first visited this board. I have learned a ton, and still have a long way to go, but I understand how it can be difficult to even know what to search for when first arriving at a forum. I've added a few topics and links below, and I'd like to get feedback from those of you who are a lot smarter than me to see what I should add. My goal is to create a one-stop thread for beginners who want to get a good understanding of what the Buck Mark is all about.

Are there differences in reliability or quality between the models?
The are a few differences in quality between models, but not much in the terms of reliability. The main reliability issue that comes up here for any one model is that the Camper models come with a plastic rear sight base, which can break. According to this thread though, some forum members have received Campers with a metal base. I'm not sure if the plastic base is being phased out, but it's worth noting anyway. If you do have a plastic base though, an after market sight base can be purchased or you can buy a metal base from Browning as discussed in this thread. The other differences in quality come down to fit and finish, grips, sights, etc, which you can see by looking at the descriptions.

This thread lists a lot of similarities and differences between the models.

Which Buck Marks are most accurate?
All Buck Marks use the same internal parts. There could be small differences in accuracy due the weight of the gun, the presence of an overtravel screw in the trigger, better sights, or the grips. These differences, however, are more of the personal nature. If all guns were put in a vice and fired, no one model would stand above the rest in terms of accuracy.

Can I safely dry fire my Buck Mark?
There have been confirmed instances on this forum of guns that absolutely can be dry fired without a problem. There are also some instances of barrels that definitely have been damaged by dry firing the gun. This contradiction is most likely caused by small differences in firing pin length. To see if your gun can be safely dry fired, you can insert a piece of paper between the slide and barrel and pull the trigger. If you see a dent in the paper, you should probably use snap caps. If not, then you are probably safe. My gun did pass this paper test, but I still use snap caps just in case.

Buck Mark Picture Threads
Below are picture threads of Buck Marks. There are a lot of pictures of red dots, scopes, grips, barrels, et al:

Buck Mark Picture Thread
Another Picture Thread
Long Barreled Picture Thread

What kind of ammo should I use?
For every 100 shooters, you'll get 101 answers to this question. Some people use nothing but Remington Thunderbolts, and others avoid it like the plague. The one thing I think we can all agree on is that it is important to try several different kinds of ammo when you get your gun. This is especially important if you are having problems with the Walmart box-o-bullets. It is worth buying a couple hundred rounds of higher quality ammo and see if it solves the problem. All guns need to break in a bit, and crap ammo might not cycle the gun too well. Chim, the Buck Mark Wizard, uses CCI Standard Velocity, and buys it by the ton :). I use the Federal Value Pack, but I expect to have a few failures due to it being lower quality. I listed a few threads below that include some helpful responses:

A great general discussion on ammo
Buck Mark group size using different ammo
Another group size comparison thread
Terminal effectiveness comparison
General ammo thread

Do modifications void my warranty?
Yes. If you modify your gun in anyway, it will be up to Browning's discretion as to whether or not you pay for the repair. If you aren't okay with losing your warranty, your safest bet is to leave the gun completely stock. This thread discusses Browning's reaction to a modified sear in a rifle.

What can I do to improve my trigger?
A user on the board named Heggis has come up with a great $0 solution to lighten the trigger pull. It involves flipping the sear spring. It is referred to as the "Heggis Flip", a "Heggisized Trigger", etc. Here is the link, and Page 4 of the thread shows some great pictures. If you were to perform only one upgrade to your gun, most people would probably agree that this would be it.

The next step in improving the trigger feel for many people is adding an overtravel screw to the trigger. I discuss this in a different topic just below this one.

You can also polish the sear and hammer. This is a bit more advanced, because if you change the angles of the parts or remove too much material, you could create quite a few problems. This thread shows pictures of what needs to be done.

How do I add an overtravel screw?
First, go to browning.com. Order this part:

It comes with the overtravel screw, even if the Browning customer service people say otherwise. There has been one report that the screw that comes with the trigger was ground down 0.030" (removing the coating), although the screw that came with my trigger a year earlier was identical to the extra one. If that matters to you, spending the extra $1 might be worth it. Once you have the trigger, follow Chim's instructions for dissecting the Buck Mark. Chim mentions it, but it's worth saying again - be sure that the trigger pins are set properly. If they protrude too much, they can rub on the grip and cause issues. Once it is installed, you should adjust it while dry firing or at the range. Once set, use BLUE loctite or fingernail polish to keep it in place.

[Note: While you are ordering parts, this thread and this thread list some recommended parts to have on hand. Shipping from Browning is $8, so it's not a bad idea to throw a few $1 parts on to the order and make good use of the shipping cost.]

Alternatively, you can take your own trigger and drill/tap it for a screw. I installed a pretravel screw, and used a 6-32 tap and a headless hex screw that I found at Ace Hardware. If you have the tools to do this, it is relatively easy to do.

What if I want to add a red dot or a scope?
If your Buck Mark model didn't come with a scope base, you can purchase one from:

Wiegand - http://www.jackweigand.com
TacSol - http://www.tacticalsol.com
Browning - http://www.browning.com/products/cat...&type_id=43340
B-Square - http://secure.armorholdings.com/b-sq..._handguns.html

Tactical Solutions (TacSol) sells a base that also includes a rear sight, which some people prefer. It's worth noting here that you cannot take a rail off an existing Buck Mark (such as the Contour), and try to install it on your URX, UDX, Camper, etc. Well, I suppose you can try, but it will never work. The Buck Mark models that come with a full length rail have a flat top on the barrel, which other models do not have. I understand that B-Square used to make a full length rail for this gun, but I have not found a place that currently sells them.

Here are a few pictures of guns with rails:

Black Weigand rail on a Camper
Silver Weigand on a stainless URX
Tactical Solutions integrated rail here and here.

What red dot is best?
I asked this question a while back, and got a bunch of really helpful replies. After reading all of the questions and answers in that thread, you should have a better idea of what's out there. Check it out here

This link explains how a red dot works:

This link explains some differences between models:

Many people here use the $40 Walmart special and get a lot of enjoyment from it. Others swear by AimPoint, Docter, or EoTech, which can run up to around $600. In between those two extremes, UltraDot has gained a lot of popularity for their quality sights between $125 and $200. You do get what you pay for, but there isn't one right scope for everyone.

Can I get aftermarket grips?
Browning has three different frames right now for the Buck Mark line-up. This is the URX, UDX and Standard. The URX models have wrap around rubber grips. The UDX models have finger grooves cut into the frame. The Standard frames are ... well ... standard. For the standard Buck Mark models (Not the URX, UDX, Contour, etc) you can get grips at these places, as well as others:


For the URX models (all models with the wrap around rubber grip), the only aftermarket grips available are from Hogue and Tactical Solutions. According to edlongrange (as of 11/20/08) TacSol informed him that all grip colors are available in the URX frame size, are in stock, and cost $75 (despite what the website says). Neither of these companies list the product on the websites (as of 3/4/8), but members have ordered the Hogue grips.

TacticalSol.com - One member was told these grips are not available, but I'll keep this link up until we hear more.
HogueInc.com - pics of this grip can be found here
This post by Chim shows what standard wood grips look like on the URX frame.

For UDX models, I am not aware of any grips available other than through Browning (someone PM me or post here if something comes up).

How do I take the Buck Mark apart?
Chim, one of the resident experts on this forum, put together some great instructions on how to take the gun apart. Check it out here.

Where can I get extra parts?
The best place to get parts is browning.com. The Browning parts department number is (800) 322-4626 x 2863 and is open 8-4, M-F, Central Time. The catalog with prices can be found here, and a fax-able order form can be downloaded here.. Shipping and Handling is $8, so it might be worth ordering a few extra parts while you're at it. Most of them cost $1-$3.

This thread and this thread list some recommended parts to have on hand. This isn't necessarily because the parts wear out, but because sometimes a spring goes "ping" or a small clip falls into your shag carpet. If you are going to order a trigger with an overtravel screw already, it's not a bad idea to make good use of the shipping.

How do you remove the barrel screw?
Some guns, for whatever reason, have stubborn sight base screws or barrel screws. This link has 4 pages describing problems and solutions. Most of them just take a little bit of torque, and they come right out. If this doesn't work, first, be sure you are using a quality hex wrench. Several people have had the heads of hex bits break off (like the kind you get in the $18 gunsmith kit), or use an incorrect size and strip the screw. You'd be better off picking up a $20 set of hex wrenches, and start from there. The sight base screws require a 3/32" hex, and the barrel screw needs a 7/64" hex.

What if I have reliability issues?
The Buck Mark is an excellent gun. However, it is also an inexpensive gun. Most people here enjoy a great deal of shooting without having a single problem. Occasionally someone gets a gun that has a problem (usually when the gun is brand new), and this sometimes go away after a good cleaning and a change in ammo. I'm not going to try to summarize all of the problems that people have had, but I wanted to list some links that had helpful advice in them. If you have a problem, check them out and see what people have said in the past:

Cold weather issues affecting reliable ejecting
Reliable gun starts to have quite a few failure-to-fires
Plastic sight base from Camper broke
Slide stop button fell off
Buck Mark doing doubletaps
Failure to Fire with bulk ammo
Stovepipes and Failure-to-Feed
Magazine causing Failure-to-Eject
Failure to Fire with Remington SubSonic
Info on replacing a plastic sight base with a metal one.

For people who had a problem and have a good thread that discusses the solution, add it to this thread or PM me so I can add it. I just did a quick search and picked a few, but I'm sure I missed a lot.

chim 01-25-2008 05:58 AM

Guns&motorcycles, that should save the newer shooters a whole lot of searching. Glad to see you've done it...........chim

Austin12Gauge 01-25-2008 06:26 AM

Thank you for putting in the work on this. It is great!

J. Plate 01-25-2008 08:17 AM


Originally Posted by EMTI99 (Post 1710568)

Looks like our moderator, "BigMike" hasn't signed in since 1/3.

guns&motorcycles 01-25-2008 09:22 AM

When it's done, we can probably PM a mod and have it put as a sticky.

Does anyone have any topics that should be added (or current topics that should be altered)?

bullseye_john 01-25-2008 10:24 AM

We had 4 pages of ammo discussion here:


guns&motorcycles 01-25-2008 10:31 AM

... added

I hadn't seen that one yet - thanks John!

tx5er 01-25-2008 04:58 PM

A list of common spare parts that would be a good idea to keep around would be very helpful.

Kartman 01-25-2008 11:05 PM


Originally Posted by tx5er (Post 1711406)
A list of common spare parts that would be a good idea to keep around would be very helpful.

And here is the link to that thread. :)


guns&motorcycles 01-25-2008 11:38 PM

Thank you sirs. I added that link, and found another as well.

Does anyone know of threads that cover these topics well?
- History of the Buck Mark, including model differences (pre-2001, and post?)
- How to clean the Buck Mark (I know this topic has a million different opinions, but I'd like to find a couple links that cover all points of view pretty well)

speed647 01-26-2008 12:38 PM

Excellent thread. I have a new Buckmark, so I will be referring back here often. :bthumb:

Augmister 01-28-2008 10:04 AM

Fabulous job bringing all this valuable info into one space! Bought my Camper in December 2007 and am a happy addict, shooting every weekend. Will be doing the Heggis "flip" and the issues/solution for getting the barrel off the frame is "priceless". Thanks for doing this work.

guns&motorcycles 01-28-2008 10:15 AM

Thanks Augmister. I can't take any credit though ... everything I talk about was learned from someone else on this board over the past few months. I just wanted to try to help out somehow as a thanks for everyone who helped me so much.

On another note, there is a post in the mod forum to have this added as a sticky.

bplv 01-28-2008 10:20 AM

g&m, you can take credit for bringing it all together. I appreciate it and I don't even have a buckmark yet, although I'm in the market for one. A lot of the information on these boards gets really spread out.

txlewis 02-07-2008 01:07 AM

Thanks for putting all this together.


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