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IZH 06-09-2019 05:51 PM

Adjustable butt plate

I am about to begin a target stock for my Savage 22lr. I have a full blank with enough material to allow me to set length of pull, camber, cast, toe and so forth. As I began planning the stock out I considered keeping the stock straight and adding an adjustable butt plate and comb to allow it to be adjusted to fit other shooters than myself.

Iíve researched adjustable plates. They seem to be geared toward shotgun fit. Has anyone here added an adjustable plate to a rim Fire? Any recommendations on type, style, brand? I like the plate on the Boydís At One stock but havenít found anything like that on the market.


Pat McCoy 06-09-2019 07:05 PM

Here is one place: https://www.masterclassstocks.com/accessories.html

Al the Infidel 06-10-2019 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by Pat McCoy (Post 11508701)

I strongly disapprove a business that says call for pricing on every single item for sale. Do ya get a better price pleading poverty on the phone?

wmrike 06-10-2019 10:19 AM

Might keep an eye on ebay.

Second what Al said about CFP.

IZH 06-10-2019 02:30 PM

I would like to keep the costs low so Iím looking for reasonable pricing or creative ideas. If components start to run too high a chassis will quickly become a viable action.

Gizmo60 06-10-2019 06:36 PM

If keeping costs down, then some of these may be out of your price range, however it gives you a flavour of whats available.



Giz :)

Eagle0199 06-10-2019 07:59 PM

Champions Choice has a variety of Anschutz buttplates avaiilable:


They also have other lines of buttplates and accessories:


These links will get you to the general areas, then you'll have to scroll down/advance to next pages. There might be other brands on there, these two just happened to be the first two I found.

Pat McCoy 06-10-2019 08:10 PM


I strongly disapprove a business that says call for pricing on every single item for sale. Do ya get a better price pleading poverty on the phone?
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Certainly your prerogative.

I haven't ordered from them for several years, and all items were priced online at that time.

Question, what have you done to help the OP find their items?

Al the Infidel 06-11-2019 08:21 AM


Originally Posted by Pat McCoy (Post 11509837)
Question, what have you done to help the OP find their items?

The OP could make his own stock extension out of walnut and or maple like I did for my 16" LOP, and I am definitely not a wood worker.

Topstrap44 06-14-2019 10:37 AM

I needed to make the length of pull longer on my Ural-2 and got the Graco 575-S unit. The Ural had a nice up and down adjustble butt plate so I added it to the back of the Graco unit with an added hole to make it all line up.

I thought the Graco was very reasonable and well made. Easy adjustment for nearly all angles and length. I used a belt sander to fine tune the contour to the Ural stock and am very happy with it. Think it was around $75.00.





Think it looks like it should have came with it. Looked at a lot of them but this seemed to be the best for the price that I could find.


Gizmo60 06-14-2019 06:24 PM


Looks good, job done and it didn't break the bank. Happy days.

Giz :)

DrGunner 06-14-2019 07:36 PM

Look into Morgan adjustable butt plates @ Brownells or MidwayUSA. I’ve adapted several to rimfires, I personally prefer the concave/aluminum model:


All have to be cut to fit, Morgan is priced right at $65. You don’t get LOP adjustment, but it sounds like you don’t need it. It adds about 3/4-1” to your current LOP, and when cut/sanded/polished to fit, it looks natural as opposed to the “butt pad on a post” look.

Here’s one of my concave black poly Morgan’s on a custom 10-22



gcrank1 06-14-2019 07:57 PM

I have two of the Morgans, the 'hooked' Rifleman pad for sure and certain puts your shoulder into the same place every shot. The flat 'shotgun' pad is suitable for rifle or shotgun and not at all shotgun specific. Nice thing is that they quickly swap out on the back for different purposes. I bought both off gun show tables for well less than retail. The initial mount plate fits up to the stock and is pretty easily marked and files/sanded (easier to deal with than a typical buttpad) and I like 'em.
Also have a Rem 40X type that I bought off e-bay some years back nib for about $40. It was troublesome to mount as it requires a deep hole drilled straight in for the length adj. tube and it takes up a lot of back end. I needed that for a Martini International stock that had been well shortened long ago.

IZH 06-15-2019 08:25 AM

Good info gentlemen. Thanks.

If I could find a plate system like the Ural uses Iíd be all smiles. That set up would allow my kids to use the rifle.

Topstrap44 06-15-2019 09:20 AM

The Graco does allow in/out, pivot for angle and also up and down. Just screw your original butt pad or plate to the rear slide and have all the adjustments. I just added the Ural up/down slide because I liked the way it looked and ease of adjustment.


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