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dale82g 08-29-2019 03:16 PM

82c SVT bolt disassemble
I have a Kimber of Oregon 82c SVT 22lr single shot. Got it from a gun show. The bolt was very difficult to cycle and I found it was coated in some sticky residue that I could not tell until firing it at the range for the first time in cold weather. Whatever the coating is, it firms up in cold. Anyway, I wanted to take the bolt apart for a complete cleaning. I have taken 82g bolts styles apart without problem thanks to the most excellent “sticky”. But this bolt is different and appears to need some special tool to screw out the long pin inside the spring. Any suggestions or comments from members that have taken apart one of these bolts would be greatly appreciated. Where would I get such a tool?

VertFish 08-29-2019 03:32 PM

I bought a specialized tool made by Tom Kivlehan several years ago on GB. I don't know if he is still in business or not. He worked for Kimber when they closed and bought all of the leftover parts. He used to be gunparts2121 on GB.

GladesGuy 08-29-2019 04:02 PM

Unless you really want to disassemble it I would just soak it in mineral spirits. Let it sit inside a plastic container for a few days ideally out in the sun. Then just remove it wipe it dry and lubricate it with a few drops of oil.

dale82g 08-29-2019 05:07 PM

Thanks for the comments. I was thinking of trying to make a device out of 9/32 stainless tubing, and cutting the slots in the end. I had a 9/32 brass tube that fit over the rod perfect. However, finding 9/32 stainless might be a problem. Probably the best action would be to soak it. Cannot find any tool that would work on Midway, Brownells, Sinclair, Amazon or internet searches.

dale82g 08-29-2019 05:15 PM

Does the bushing, that puts pressure on the spring, unscrew? I am not seeing any threads on the outside of the bushing. Wish I could see a step-by-step on how to take down. I was wanting to replace the spring, but may have to forget that idea.

joet333 08-29-2019 06:33 PM

Attached is a photo of the tool that VertFish referenced along with a disassembly photo of the 82C bolt. If these photo attachments do not appear properly, send me your email address via PM and I will email the photos to you.

(Attachment did not go through...send me your email if you want the photos.)

Shamokinbob 08-29-2019 08:46 PM

11 Attachment(s)
DES/TSD, from the thread cub or no cub, by reading his in put there is the designer of the svt, shoot him a personal message and ask him

kimberkook 09-10-2019 12:09 AM

If you just want to dissolve the gunk, soak it in Kroil penetrant/lubricant. Otherwise, as others have suggested, get the disassembly tool. They used to be available from Brownell's.

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