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chuck40219 06-04-2020 09:26 PM

50 Yard Vintage and Unlimited Iron Sight Matches for June 2020
Same as in the past, post your score and maybe a photo of your setup for everyone to see.

Maybe we will see more shooters this month, with the easing of the lock downs some of you have experienced.

Along with the range shutdowns, I see we are having high temps in parts of the country. I am only aware of some of the weather related problems in the US, but I am sure in other parts of the world our shooters are having problems also.

Good shooting everyone.

[email protected]


Hanover67 06-05-2020 06:22 PM

June 4
Rob Fates, Alamo, CA 195-5X
48-1X. 50-2X, 50-2X, 47-0X
Remington 511, Redfield 75 rear and Lyman 20MJT front sights
SK Rifle Match ammunition
Protektor front and rear bags.

Hot (100 degrees +), windy, but a lot better to be shooting than stay-at-home. First time out in 3 months.

David Valdina 06-08-2020 12:35 PM

June 8, 2020 @ Florida
June 8, 2020
Indian River County Range, Sebastian, FL

200-18x and 200-20x

Savage/Anschutz Model 64
Redfield Olympic Sights
Harris Bi-Pod & Protextor Rear Bag
A23/5 targets w/black centers
82 degrees, light wind. Broken clouds.
Wolf Match Extra ammo

This is ammunition I bought years ago. When I was shooting a lot more, I bought multiple cases. I have not shot a 200-20x in years, so pretty happy today. I was seeing the target clearly. That helps a lot.

W8LON 06-08-2020 03:31 PM

Nice shooting, David!

Keeley 06-08-2020 06:01 PM

Dang David, I thought it was hot in Tucson. It's really hot in Florida! Congratulations!
I know how good it feels to have one of those days.:bthumb:

David Valdina 06-08-2020 06:08 PM

Thank you.
Thank you. I don't know how many years since I shot a 200-20x, but might be five years ? A lot of the old records are gone. It got up to 91 degrees today with the station saying it felt like 100+. Tomorrow may be about the same. I will shoot sporting clays with some friends.

Pastprime 06-09-2020 08:31 AM

Outstanding shooting, David. Nice to see that at least one of us "mature" shooters can still get the job done.......:bthumb:.


W8LON 06-09-2020 07:26 PM

204 Attachment(s)
June 9, 2020
Lon Hale
Vintage Martini Mk V
PH sights, Merit disk
Eley Edge
Niagra , Wi range
Hot 87 degrees twitchy winds with storms approaching.
50-3x, 50-3x,50-3x,50-3x=200-12x

June 30,2020
Vintage Martini MKII
Niagra, WI range
Redfield International front and rear
Federal Match 922A
Cowen rest, Protektor bags
Temperature 87 with 2-6mph breeze

jplogue 06-09-2020 09:46 PM

New to 50 Yard Peep shooting
Just bought some A23/5 targets in April and have become quite obsessed with peep shooting at 50 yards. I have a number of rifles with peep sights, but I had been busy finding ways to get scopes on them. Now I might have some extra scopes. I have given myself a challenge and I'm wondering if anyone else has given this a shot...pun intended.

I'm trying to shoot a 200 with each of my rifles that have peep sights this summer. I have managed 200s with a few rifles, but I have a couple sporters, so I'm not sure how feasible this will be. Has anyone had any luck at 50 yards with a Savage 23 or a Win 69? So far I have tried each rifle exactly how I bought it (all used). Some have better target sight setups than others.

Like someone else mentioned on another thread, I will eventually embark on the quest for a 200-20X. I have a couple rifles that seem like they are capable if the conditions are right.

Fairly new to 22 shooting, but this has definitely become my favorite way to shoot!

W8LON 06-09-2020 09:58 PM

Welcome! Most any rifle is capable of hitting 200, the disadvantage can be having a light enough trigger where you are not moving a light rifle on the bags. A good set of peeps is no disadvantage over a rifles capability with scope. If your eyes are good you can shoot peeps just as tight. Give it a whirl!

David Valdina 06-10-2020 04:54 AM

Commenting on the value of a bi-pod.
I recently had a friend write me on this topic and thought I would share my reply to him with this community.

To me, the advantages of a bi-pod outweigh any negatives. The Bi-pod eliminates potential error from rifle cant. It does not take much cant to throw a bullet out of a scoring ring. To get the same result without a bi-pod would require focusing on a level and having the ability to also see the bull in the center of the sights when shooting, tough to do. Alternately, having a benchrest stock and a benchrest quality front rest. I approached this way of shooting when I shot IR 50/50. I am happy I do not need to carry a heavy front rest and a heavy benchrest target rifle to the range.

I have a Harris Bi-Pod and like it a lot. It is easily transferrable from rifle to rifle. My fine sight adjustments are done by my left hand on the rear bag. It is a system that I have seen work for many shooters and works well for me. One of the advantages is that getting a sight alignment is pretty quick and getting off the shot is thereby faster. Playing with wind, that is a distinct advantage over time consuming adjustments to a benchrest quality front rest.

Eric2U 06-12-2020 10:02 PM

June 7, 2020
Centra adjustable f & r with front at 3mm
Fed UM
Protektor f&r bags
Bayou Rifles, Houston
90 degrees w/ light air
50-2x, 50-3x, 50-3x, 50-4x= 200-12x

Pretty happy with this first 200. Also opened up the front sight to 3mm from 2.3.

NuJudge 06-13-2020 06:28 PM

A great day to be alive.
Christopher Dingell, at Monroe Rifle & Pistol in Michigan: 196-10-X
49-3X. 49-3X, 49-3X, 50-1X
Walther KK500 with factory sights
SK-made Wolf Match Target ammunition
Caldwell front and rear

The rifle shot well, but there was usually one shot out of the group.

I shoot CCI SV during a Winter Indoor league, shot it also today and it did not shoot anywhere near as well as the WMT.

My daughter calls it the "Nerf gun"!

aqbill 06-20-2020 01:58 PM

Been a while since I last posted here but I had a good excuse to shoot one of my all-time favorite Remington rifles today. I was a little rusty to be sure but shot a couple of good 5-shot groups - one even centered on the x-ring - the rest, not so much. Noticed that - somehow - I was using a too-small Lyman 17A insert up front and fortunately I found a correct one.

198-9x Bill Parkhurst. Wagnon Mountain, Alabama (AQBill)
Remington 513-T. Redfield 75 rear tang. Remington 65 front globe. Fed. UltraMatch
Cowan front rest. Protektor bunny ear rear bag.
Sunny, 85F, 0-5 mph backing SW to SE breeze.
49-1x 50-2x 50-4x 49-2x

ede 06-20-2020 03:17 PM

Ed Ellison Bay Minette Alabama
Remington 40x Redfield Olympics
SK Rifle Match
Front rest rear bag
198 7x might of been 199 but my Gage is at home and I'm not.

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