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glen1 04-18-2004 12:15 AM

Need help with new purchase
First a little background. I have a mostly stock 10/22 that I purchased in 1988. It's not the most accurate .22 in the world, but I can consistently get 1.5 to 1.75 inch groups at fifty yards. My dilemna is that I just bought another 10/22 used from a guy at work, and after giving it a complete cleaning and checking it out, I set out to see how it would group. Wolf, Remington, Federal, CCI, and Winchester ammo. Ten different types in all. My BEST group was over three inches at fifty yards. The crown on the carbine looks fine, the receiver and barrel seem tight in the stock, and I can't detect anything that would be causing this scattergun effect. I know this is the place to check for suggestions, so please fire away. I'm not affluent enough to be spending hundreds of dollars on a $100.00 firearm, so please limit suggestions to how to make this weapon shoot without all the add ons (new barrels, stocks, etc.) The trigger is the one good point on this .22, nice clean break at 3 lbs. Thanks in advance. Glen

Snake45 04-18-2004 12:51 AM

Only things I can think to check are:

1. Make sure the barrel screws are tight--the ones that clamp the barrel to the receiver.

2. Make sure you're getting good firing pin hits. Weak ignition can cause big groups. Make sure the firing pin moves freely and has enough protrusion.

3. Take off the barrel band and see how it shoots without it.

4. All else fails, try a different barrel. There are PLENTY of take-off barrels floating around the board here if you ask. Last month somebody was gonna chop several of them up to make wind chimes! I bet someone would be willing to send you a like-new factory barrel to try out if you ask nice. :)

Oh, I just assumed you had a scope on the thing. But maybe you don't! If not, are the sights loose or moving? (And if you DO have a scope, is IT okay, and the mounts and rings tight?)

Wish I could be of more help. I feel your pain--been chasing bad groups with a good bolt-action for years now. It's a headache. :(

Geezer 04-18-2004 06:04 AM

You might try switching the "bad-shooting" barrelled action into the "good-shooting" stock; if it is more accurate that way, it would point to bedding problems.
And switching the bad barrel to the good receiver/stock with no improvement would point to barrel inadequacies.
If both are scoped, switching scopes and mounts might isolate a scope problem.
This will all be a nuisance and comsume a fair amount of ammo, but cheaper than springing for a new and perhaps unnecessary barrel.

CWG 04-18-2004 06:15 AM

Pop the barrel off and really clean it. I'm talking about 40 patches, a pint of solvent and one brand new bronze brush. From the breech side of course. When you're patching it you can feel any really bad areas.
When that brush comes out the muzzle end, Gently pull it back in, I've seen muzzle crowns destroyed by yanking the rod back and the lip of the jag hits the crown edge and puts a dink into it.
Dump the barrel band as suggested first. Then clean.
If the barrel feels fine, and it still wont shoot. Theres a number of either take offs, or new barrels that the owner has upgraded and will sell fairly cheaply (ebay comes to mind- our own classifieds) Usually a post for WTB brings a hit quick.

Mspohn 04-19-2004 09:07 PM

Might just be a good beginnings for a custom build

crewchief 04-20-2004 12:21 AM

Don't mean to hijack, but CWG who did the finishing work on that Red offhand you have on your site? I have fallen in love and would love to have my next build look like that.

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