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Varelse 11-09-2019 07:00 PM

Warranty information and help with short strike issue?
Has anybody delt with Tippman warranty? I'm having an issue that may have a simple fix but I cant seem to get a hold of anybody at Tippman on the phone. I have left messages with no callback.

The issue I am having seems to be a short stroke problem. Probably 5 rounds per mag do not reset the hammer. The bolt will come back far enough to load the next round but not reset the hammer so you will have to manually jack it out. This happens with a few different types of ammo that work fine with all my other rifles.

One thing that my son pointed out that I did not realize is that since day one, the last round hold open has not worked. I did not know if this was a feature or not but after watching a few videos with other people it seems like it it is supposed to work. I have 3 magazines and I have the same issues with all three.

I have tried cleaning, using lots of lube, very little lube and different kinds of lube, nothing has shown any performance difference.

Main ammo I used is federal match bulk, CCi blazer and winchester 333. It seems to perform the best with the 333 but from everything I have read and seen these should be able to eat anything without issue. I do not run thunderbolt in anything I have.

Any ideas?

Jim38885 11-10-2019 08:25 AM

I brought my Elite back to the LGS where purchased with a problem. No idea how long they sat on it before calling Tippmann but they said that it took them most of the week to get a response.

My issue was due to a poor design (top rail indicated as but not designed to Picatinny specs) not a quality/operational issue. My Elite shoots and functions well.

I'd keep after them, there have been other posts that Tippmann was good on warranty issues.


Farmerplinker 11-11-2019 06:27 AM

The BHO on mine seems ammo dependent. Subsonic ammo often doesn't work for activating it.

Tippmann-Arms 11-11-2019 04:05 PM

For all warranty and tech questions contact Corey Rice.

email - [email protected]
Call Toll Free during business hours - 844 340 9317 X102

Varelse 11-13-2019 05:17 PM

We have not tried subsonic in it yet but I'm sure it would not operate well if it is performing this way with what we are using.

That is the warranty number I have left messages at but I did not have that extension. I will call that and see how it turns out. I'm hoping they can help me figure it out without having to ship it back.

Other than this issue it has been great. We had a couple feeding issues the first few magazines but that seemed to have worked itself out.

Varelse 01-28-2020 03:58 PM

I wanted to update on the status of this in case anyone wants some info. I got a hold of the warranty department per the extension given above. I was able to send it out and have it looked at. Tippman took care of it, paid shipping to and from. They were able to identify a couple issues which could be the culprits of my problems. The turn around time was a little long but the timing wasnt the best since I shipped it in before the holidays.

My wife and I had about an hour to blow today so we took it down to the range with preloaded mags so I could try 6 types of ammo I had around the house including some 20+ year old SV that I found in an old box we had packed away. We ran 120 rounds through it with 2 that didnt cycle. Those two were some of the really old ammo and based on the shot they felt under charged so I wouldnt put that on the rifle. My son has an event this weekend where he will put it through more testing.

I'm totally happy with the performance and warranty service of Tippman. I am planning on building a .22lr AR for myself as I have a bunch of lowers that I need to use. How this rifle shot today makes me want to buy another Tippman for me. It's too bad their mags wont fit in a standard AR lower or I would be ordering an upper from them today. I like their bolt design better than the CMMG setup and the build may be cheaper than a CMMG build.


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