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aom22 06-10-2008 04:29 PM

Marc Sheppard & U.S. Biathlon Team
Interesting background information on Marc Sheppard of Altuis.




Marc Sheppard
Age: 38
Hometown: West Yellowstone, Montana
Biathlon since 1992

Marc has finished in the top 10 at nationals every year since 1993
(except 2000 when he suffered a broken leg).

He has been nominated to National Team every year since 1995,
but declined a position on the team for several years
while he was serving as the Summer Biathlon Program Director.

In 1994 he represented the United States in the European Championship.

He has represented the United States
in six IBU Summer Biathlon World Championships,
making the team every year from 1997 through 2002.

He competed in the US Men's relay team that took fourth in the relay
at worlds in 2000 (still struggling with the broken leg).

Last year he had a career highlight
as he placed 6th in the individual sprint at the World Championship,
shooting clean for the only time in his career, so far.

He followed that up by claiming the National Championship
in the pursuit race in Minnesota last year.

Marc is a gunsmith and operates his own business,
Altius Endeavours, in West Yellowstone.

aom22 06-11-2008 08:17 PM

Legion Sable from TGI via Altius

Originally Posted by aom22 (Post 1874740)
By the way, as soon as I get images of the Legion Sobol, I'll post them.

Just received an email from Altius:

Legion Sobol finally arrived today.
I'll get it packaged with the Recruit and out to your FFL tomorrow.

Marc Sheppard
Altius Handcrafted Firearms
P.O. Box 1028/125 Madison Avenue
West Yellowstone, MT 59758 USA
406-646-9222 TEL
406-646-9433 FAX
[email protected]
And, pictures too ... :yippee:





I called Marc after receiving his email,
he was packing my rifles for shipment while we spoke.

Marc described the blue finish as "not" a glossy blue.
"The hammer marks are still on the barrel" ...
so ... "how bright could the blue be?"

The bluing on the receiver matched the barrel finish - stain blue.
Like the stock, a stain gloss - not glossy.

Makes me wonder how a matte finish Legion would look like - flat black.

By the way, Mr. Sheppard said, when he spoke to a TGI sales agent,
no one mentioned of a choice between a matte finish or glossy rifle.

I'll have to reserve judgement ... until I see my Sable in-person.

aom22 06-17-2008 12:03 AM

Back to Work
On 18 June 2008, Tuesday, I will be returning to work on third shift.
I, probably will be working overtime as well.
This time, I'm going to try to limit my overtime to second shift.

I've been staying-over to perform overtime on day shift.
However, it has been very difficult for me to work extra after struggling to stay awake and alert on third shift.

Moreover, sleeping in the afternoon during the heat of the day is not easy.
Here in Southwest Texas, near the border, it stays cool during most of the morning.
Even at eleven AM, it is still relatively comfortable for sleeping.
I'm not used to this.

In Huntsville, Texas, at the Walls Unit, it was becoming uncomfortably warm by nine AM.

Because of the specter of overtime,
I, most likely, will not be able to participate at the forum.
At least, not as much as I would like.

Oh, by the way, this thread was inadvertently closed by me.
It is open ... again.

aom22 06-25-2008 12:06 AM

Just Picked-Up My Rifles

Originally Posted by aom22 (Post 1894178)
Makes me wonder how a matte finish Legion would look like - flat black.

By the way, Mr. Sheppard said, when he spoke to a TGI sales agent,
no one mentioned of a choice between a matte finish or glossy rifle.

I'll have to reserve judgment ... until I see my Sable in-person.

I just picked-up my rifles.
Picked-Up My Mountain Rifle Today


I just picked-up my Mountain Rifle DM today :yippee: in Odessa - 85 miles away.
And, I also took possession of a Larsen Recruit Rifle and a Legion Sobol.


Originally Posted by aom22 (Post 1871755)
And, Yes ... a 547 Custom is on my list to purchase....

Also, I took a side trip to Midland (109 miles away) to a gun shop
by the name of the Between the Walls.
I ordered a Remington 547 .22lr for $1,057.

The 547 was not in-stock.
But, it is in-route from a distributor in Pennsylvania - I think.
The distributor has another 547 in .22 caliber in stock - if anyone else is interested.

My 547 should be in Midland in one week - I can't wait.

I digress, as you can tell ... I've been busy - no time for pictures.
Hopefully, tomorrow ... after I finish some honey dos
I'll be able to persuade my wife to take some pictures with her digital camera.
I've been thinking about this all day while I was driving home.
My Legion Sobol is Oxide finished - not blue ... it is matte black.

I'm disappointed - somewhat ... But, I will keep her.
While I was at the gun shop in Odessa, I showed the Legion and Recruit Rifle
to the shop manager and a salesman behind the counter.

The salesman examined my Legion, and then, while the shop owner took his turn.
The salesman began to read the TGI shipping box label for the Legion.
As he was doing this, he asked me where I had purchased the Legion.

I told him the Legions were available from TGI.
The sales guy called TGI and ordered a matte Sobol
for the shop or himself - not sure which one.
I told him about the bright blue model - he wasn't interested.

I was surprised to say the least.
Hard to believe ... I know ... But, it is the truth - not a fabrication.

Am I happy with my Legion Sobol?
Yes, and No.
I will elaborate later - it is late and I need to get some sleep.
Some of you may be wondering ... Will I keep my Legion Sobol?
Yes, I will.

I will render my judgment of the Legion Sobol,
after I've had a little more time to think about my rifle.
And, I have some photos to illustrate my thought process and concerns.

aom22 06-25-2008 08:45 PM

Legion Sobol - Premier Oxide Finish (Matte Black)

Originally Posted by aom22 (Post 1909166)
My Legion Sobol is Oxide finished - not blue ... it is matte black....
I've had a little more time to think about my rifle.
And, I have some photos to illustrate my thought process and concerns.

Legion Sable from TGI via Altius

More photos of my Legion Sobol - Premier Oxide Finish








Render (Some) Judgment:

I love my Legion Sobol - Premier Oxide and all.

Over-all, there is a lot to like about the matte finish.
For one, I'm not fearful of marring or blemishing the stock or metal finish.

My Sobol is not a rifle it is a carbine.
It seems to have the right proportions for a smaller adult.
However, it feels heavier than it looks - a dense package.
Even though it weights just 7 lbs.
As such, a boy or girl may not feel comfortable carrying it.

Petite, like a Browning .22 Auto,
is not a word I would use to describe the Sobol.
This .22 feels robust, purposeful and hand-filling.
A no-nonsense firearm with old-world, good-looks.

The action is glass-bedded. And, the barrel is free-floated.
The muzzle has a concave, target crown typical of Biathlon rifles.

The front sight is a wide post threaded for elevation.
And, situated behind a thinner blade - odd.
It reminds me of a mini AR-15 front sight post.
Windage is by drift adjustment.

The rear sight is clunky and angular.
And, quick range changes are by a cammed lever on the left side.
The range markings are for 25 and 75 meters.

The stock wood is well-figured and oil finished to a dull, lusterless satin.
As are the fore-end tip, pistol grip cap, butt plate
and magazine storage cover - equally, well-figured wood.
The Schnabel fore-end tip looks right.
The shadow cheekpiece is well proportioned.
However, the diamond checkering on the forearm and pistol grip
do not rise to a point.
The tips are squared-off.

What I don't like:
Trigger - non-adjustable (says so in instruction manual)
Trigger Pull - long first stage travel before second stage sets
Sights - windage adjustment is by drifting front sight w/o index marks
Front Sight - post is broad and square almost like a pistol sight.
Trigger Guard & Floor Plate - made of a plastic material
Rear Sight - cannot be removed for peep sight installation,
... to remove rear sight would require machining
... rear sight mounting block is also recoil lug
... and threaded receptacle for the stock mounting screw
Bolt Linkage - chrome plated, the bright chrome is out-of-place with a matte finish
Checkering - diamond checkering tips do not rise to sharp point,
... they are squared-off.
High Price - it is too expensive ... However, I wouldn't hesitate to pay $600
The instruction manual includes a test target.
I will try to post the target as soon as I get a chance.

Garys4598 06-25-2008 09:04 PM


aom22 06-25-2008 10:26 PM

Larsen Recruit Rifle - More Photos

Originally Posted by aom22 (Post 1880310)
And, some MORE pictures - Oh Boy! :yippee:

Better News at Last

Larsen Recruit Rifle









aom22 06-25-2008 10:33 PM

Larsen Recruit Rifle - And, More Photos

Originally Posted by aom22 (Post 1880310)
And, some MORE pictures - Oh Boy! :yippee:

Better News at Last

Larsen Recruit Rifle







midwest swiss 06-25-2008 11:31 PM

Nice pictures and all.
I can't wait for an range report.
And don't forget they love German ammo.
Izhmash uses a phosphate metal finish instead of bluing.


aom22 06-26-2008 12:05 AM

Test Targets

Originally Posted by midwest swiss (Post 1910453)
I can't wait for an range report.
And don't forget they love German ammo.

The range report I received are the Test Targets included with the instruction manual(s).

The Test Targets were shot with WOLF Match Ammunition.
I'll try to post the test targets ... when I get a chance.

However, tomorrow, I'll be going back to work.
My six day duty cycle will begin - again.

mr_ouija 06-26-2008 04:32 AM

Nice pics and gorgeous rifles!

After seeing the Larsen, I think I need new pants!

aom22 07-30-2008 05:04 PM

Working Overtime
During the last month I've been consistently working overtime.
My work schedule has been six days ON, three days OFF.

I've been working fourteen hour duty days with only one day OFF
during my nine day work cycle.

As such, I've not been able to participate at our forum as much as I would like.

I'd like to thank all participating forum members for picking-up the slack.

And, I'd like to welcome all new posters to the forum.
Please keep returning and participating.
And, please try to involve others - especially young persons.

For the next few days, I will be OFF.
My wife has an accmulated list of priority honey dos for me.

As soon as I get a handle on these tasks,
I'll try to take some detail photos of my Larsen Recruit Rifle and the Legion Sobol.

doubs43 07-30-2008 09:50 PM

AOM22, those are two SERIOUSLY beautiful rifles! I can only imagine how well they shoot. I know you're so proud of them that you're popping buttons.... and you should.

aom22 09-15-2008 06:24 PM

Fall Overtime and 2nd Sobol
Beginnng the evening of 15 Sep 2008,
I will be returning to a regular overtime routine.

At the two units related to Fort Stockton
the overtime has now become self-regulated.

If you want to work overtime ... just show-up for duty.
There will be something for you to do.

So, I am determined to work 12 to 14 hour duty days
for the next couple of weeks - or,perhaps, a month.

My work cycle will be 9-days-on with one-day-off.

So, my participation at our forum will be limited by necessity
- I have to sleep.

Some of you maybe wondering why?

My wife wants her bathroom redone.

And, you know what's next ... my bathroom - not by choice.

Bye the way ... How much do I like my Legion Sobol?

I like my Sobol so much, I'm getting another one.

I contacted Marc at Altuis by email about ordering a 2nd Sobol.
I haven't heard anything back.
I really need to call Marc - the telephone works best.

aom22 09-16-2008 11:04 AM

Phone Call to Altuis ... 2nd Legion Sobol
16 Sep 2008 / 1002H

Just got off the phone.

Left a message on Marcs answering machine to order a (another) Legion Sobol for me.

I hate speaking with answering machines.
But, what else can I do.

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